Season's biggest perch landed

The final specimen of the week fell to Andrew Cheetham... and is the season’s heaviest river perch at 5lb 4oz!

Andrew Cheetham 5lb 4oz perchBIG.jpg

The Manchester rod has been in fine form over the last three weeks, netting a string of perch over the 4lb mark from a Midlands waterway.

In his most recent trip he managed to slip the net under this, the biggest river perch of the season at 5lb 4oz, alongside a 4lb 13oz specimen – both in a 15-minute window!

He said: “The two perch were caught very early in the morning within 15 minutes of my starting fishing with lobworms fished alongside a chopped worm feeder.

“I’d baited my snaggy swim heavily with chopped lobs prior to casting out and had to bully the perch out from the snags once I’d hooked it.”