Predators go on the hunt

It’s been another great week for the predator species, Pike, Perch and Zander have all featured on the newsdesk this week.

Rob Inns 4lb 12oz perch

A roach deadbait proved to be key in the capture of this lovely 4lb 12oz perch for Rob Inns.

The predator ace from Surbiton, Surrey, struck into the fine specimen after lowering his hookbait into a deep hole on a stretch of the River Thames.

Rob said: “This fish was one of a string of good perch I’ve caught from the Thames this season but by far the biggest, and a new personal best for me.”

Rob’s terminal tackle consisted of a pike float and a size 7 Drennan barbel hook to liphook the bait.

Rob Inns 4lb 12oz perchBIG.jpg

Harry Langley 11lb 3oz zander

The River Nene’s perch and zander record-holder continued his incredible run of form for big predators when he latched into this fine 11lb 3oz zed during a recent trip. 

Predator ace Harry Langley targeted a deep section of the waterway with smelt deadbaits, but after failing
to get a take the 23-year-old switched his tactics to a lure. 

“I connected a Fox Rage Zander Pro to my line and instantly started to catch fish,” Harry said. 

“I had a few smaller ones but the 11lb 3oz fish was by far the best. “It’s a way off my 16lb 8oz Nene record but no matter what the size is, it’s always a good feeling catching zander on this river.”

Harry Langley 11lb 3oz zander.jpg

Nick Popplewell 32lb pike

A failed trip for roach and bream helped Nick Popplewell to slip the net under this mammoth 32lb pike. 

The 58-year-old self-employed decorator targeted the silver fish species with his friend on a private estate lake in Leicestershire but then, after a biteless day, he decided to set up a lure rod for the final hour of light. 

He said: “The lake is shallow and weedy so I started with an artificial rat lure, but after three missed takes I scaled down to a 5ins orange rubber fish. This did the trick, and on the next cast I hooked big one.”

Nick Popplewell 32lb Pike.jpg

Chris Lowe 30lb 2oz pike

AN 18CM Fox Rage Replicant Shad helped in the downfall of this stunning stillwater 30lb 2oz pike for Chris Lowe.

The Fox Rage-backed predator ace hooked into the fine specimen, alongside a string of other mid-double figure pike, during a roving lure session on a difficult gravel pit in Derbyshire. 

Chris said: “The key to success after a recent failed trip was to retrieve the Replicants at high speed – a speed you’d look at and think ‘you’re going too fast’, and most likely you would slow right down again, but it certainly did the trick for me.”


Robin Piper 3lb 9oz perch 

A whole prawn fished over a bed of chopped prawns proved too irresistible for this 3lb 9oz perch for Robin Piper.

The avid Angling Times reader targeted the centre of the lake at Kent’s Paddock Wood fishery whilst using a minimum-resistance running leger rig to help tempt a big stripey into taking the bait. 

He said: “Just 20 minutes after casting out my tip pulled round with a savage jerk and after a short fight a cracking 3lb 9oz perch was in the net.”

Robin Piper 3lb 9oz perch.jpg