Maggots fool top chub!

A maggot approach gave Brett Longthorne this 7lb 6oz chub in freezing conditions. 

The specimen angler from Manchester wasn’t confident going into the session on the Tidal Trent, but at 1.30am his rod sprang into life. 

“I’d put three Spombs of maggots and hemp in at the start and used a size 16 hook, a 4ft, 8lb hooklink and a 3oz maggot feeder. Not much happened – the maggots on the hook were not getting touched – but at 1.30am on Saturday morning I got my first bite and was not disappointed!” he said. 

“A huge chub at 7lb 6oz graced my net – it was just 1oz off my personal best and was my third 7lb chub this season!”

TOP TIP: “It’s time to scale down your baits when chub fishing in cold weather.” 

Brett Longthorne 7lb 6oz chub.jpg