Below is a full list of all the weekly Drennan Cup award winners from the 2018/19 season.

WARNING: Anglers who have won a weekly Drennan Cup award in the last three years are only allowed to vote. Weekly Drennan Cup winners cannot vote for themselves.

Votes submitted by none weekly Drennan Cup award winners shall not be counted.

A letter has been posted to each of the weekly Drennan Cup award winners from the last three years informing them on how they can submit their votes.

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Multiple Award Winners 2018/19

Five Weekly Awards:

·  Richard Wilby: Five rudd to 3lb 6oz, 15 eels to 5lb 2oz, 2lb 10oz roach plus others over 2lb, a 1lb 8dr dace, 2lb 14oz roach

Four Weekly Awards:

·       Darryn Stolworthy:  12lb 3oz tench, 18lb bream, 4lb 4oz perch, 3lb 3oz roach

·       Paul Faint: 16lb 13oz barbel, 19lb 11oz barbel, 4lb 7oz and 4lb 1oz brace of perch, 3lb 6oz rudd

Three Weekly Awards:

·       Dan Gale: 3lb 8oz rudd, 16lb 9oz barbel, 3lb 2oz roach

·       Matt Atkins: 4lb 1oz, 4lb 10oz and 5lb 6oz perch, 2lb 13oz roach, 1lb dace

·       Andy Cheetham: 4lb 9oz perch, 4lb 14oz perch, 5lb 3oz and 4lb 7oz perch

Two Weekly Awards:

·       Christopher Taylor: 11lb 4oz brace of tench, 11lb 8oz and 10lb 9oz tench

·       Ken Brown: 4lb 7oz crucian carp, 4lb 7oz perch

·       Dave Harman: 11lb 10oz tench, 5lb 8oz eel

·       Alex Warren: 7lb 4oz chub, 7lb 14oz chub

·       Roman Sivak: 16lb 5oz barbel, 7lb 7oz chub

·       Harry Langley: 17lb 4oz zander, 4lb 12oz perch

·       Brett Longthorne: 15lb 6oz bream, 7lb 6oz chub

·       Gary Palmer: 17lb 2oz zander, 31lb 10oz pike

·       Rob Inns: 4lb 12oz perch, 1lb 1oz 2dr dace

·       Nick Goode: 2lb 14oz roach, 31lb 6oz Pike

·       Mark Woodage: catch of roach to 3lb 3oz, 3lb 1oz roach


Weekly winners in issue order

April 17 2018

Neale Woodward, 2lb 15oz roach


April 24 2018

Ken Brown, 4lb 7oz crucian carp


May 1 2018

Paul Faint, 4lb 7oz and 4lb 1oz brace of perch

Tony Bennet, 2lb 10oz roach


May 8 2018

Kevin Sanders, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 15oz brace of rudd


May 15 2018

Chris Stothard, 10lb 4oz tench


May 22 2018

Christopher Taylor, 11lb 4oz brace of tench

Kevin Durman, 10lb 4oz tench


May 29 2018

James Crameri, 21lb 12oz bream

Lee McManus 16lb 10oz bream

Tony Arbery, 10lb 2oz eel


June 5 2018

Eddie Court, 11lb 14oz tench

Thomas Humphries, 10lb 12oz tench

Hugh Boyle, 10lb 12oz tench

Trevor Gunning, 4lb 10oz perch


June 12 2018

Christopher Taylor, 11lb 8oz and 10lb 9oz tench

Daniel Woolcott, 11lb 3oz tench


June 19 2018

Dai Gibble, 5lb 7oz eel

Darryn Stolworthy, 12lb 3oz tench

Steve Grinaham, 11lb 12oz tench

Dean Taylor, 11lb 8oz tench


June 26 2018

Richard Wilby, Five rudd to 3lb 6oz

Paul Scowen, 5lb 4oz eel


July 3 2018

Nick Proctor, 13lb 1oz tench


July 10 2018

Gary Knowles, 3lb 2oz rudd

Den Willetts, 16lb 1oz barbel


July 17 2018

Scott Walker, 4lb 4oz crucian carp

Dean Aston, 6lb 6oz eel


July 31 2018

Paul Faint, 3lb 6oz rudd

Mark Lindsay, 7lb 8oz chub

Mark Woodage, 3lb 1oz roach

Roman Vann, 17lb 2oz barbel


August 7 2018

Ken Brown, 4lb 7oz perch

Darren Clarke, 5lb 3oz eel

Dave Harman, 11lb 10oz tench


August 14 2018

Phil Spinks, 3lb 2oz rudd


August 21 2018

Neil Wayte, 7lb 12oz chub

Dave Harman, 5lb 8oz eel


August 28 2018

Harry Langley, 4lb 12oz perch


September 4 2018

Dan Gale, 3lb 8oz rudd

Adam Hughes, 15lb 8oz barbel


September 11 2018

Dan Gale, 16lb 9oz barbel

Roman Sivak, 16lb 15oz barbel


September 18 2018

Nick Duffy, 5lb 4oz eel

Darryn Stolworthy, 18lb bream

Martin Abonyi, 2lb 4oz roach


September 25 2018

Mervyn Wilkinson, 16lb 5oz barbel

Darryn Stolworthy, 4lb 4oz perch


October 2 2018

Brett Longthorne, 15lb 6oz bream


October 9 2018

Stuart Barnes, 7lb 6oz chub

Frank Partington, 2lb 10oz roach


October 16 2018

Mark Everard, 3lb 2oz roach


October 24 2018

Dan Gale, 3lb 2oz roach

Matt Atkins, 4lb 1oz, 4lb 10oz and 5lb 6oz perch

Alex Warren 7lb 4oz chub


October 30 2018

Paul Slade, 39lb 3oz pike

Michael Taylor, 16lb 7oz barbel


November 6 2018

Simon Daley, 2lb 10oz roach

Mike Lyddon, 4lb and 4lb 1oz crucian brace


November 13 2018

Paul Faint, 19lb 11oz barbel

Mark Woodage, huge bag of roach to 3lb 3oz

Adam Gorst, 17lb 2oz barbel


November 27 2018

Vinnie Durn, 3lb 8oz roach

Alan Rio, 2lb 12oz roach

Nick Goode, 2lb 14oz roach

Alex Warren, 7lb 14oz chub

Richard Wilby, 15 eels to 5lb 2oz


December 4 2018

James Champkin, nice perch over 3lb to a best of 4lb 4oz

Chris West, 4lb 6oz perch

Janusz Kansik, 17lb 2oz zander

Robin Cave, 16lb 12oz barbel

Stuart Taylor 16lb 12oz barbel


December 11 2018

Simon Baker, 7lb 10oz chub

Roman Sivak, 7lb 7oz chub

Darrell Carter, 4lb 3oz perch

Darryn Stolworthy, 3lb 3oz roach


December 27 2018

Matt Hughes, 18lb 8oz barbel

Robert Dowsett, 17lb 11oz barbel

Phil Mapp, 7lb 15oz chub

Roy Jones, 2lb 4oz and 2lb 12oz roach


January 8 2019

Richard Wilby, 2lb 10oz roach plus other two pounders

Ian Wilson, 14lb 11oz and 15lb 1oz zander brace


January 15 2019

Tony Mayhew, 16lb 7oz barbel

Chris Gardner, 16lb 8oz barbel

Ben Smith, 5lb 3oz perch

Gary Palmer, 31lb 10oz pike

Garry Bagley, 19lb 2oz zander

Vince Cater, 1lb 8dr dace

Jamie Cartwright, 5lb 2oz perch


January 22 2019

Tom Sampson, 3lb 1oz roach

Paul Restall, 3lb 1oz roach

Chris Lowe, 30lb 2oz pike

John Cadd, 7lb 9oz chub

Paul Faint, 16lb 13oz barbel

Rob Inns, 4lb 2oz perch


January 29 2019

Tony Gibson, 7lb 13oz chub

Matt Atkins 2lb 13oz roach

Simon Ashton 3lb 1oz grayling

Gary Moth, 16lb 8oz barbel

Harry Langley 17lb 4oz zander


February 5 2019

Mark Pitchers, 3lb 2oz grayling

Aaron Burnside, 31lb 4oz pike

Gary Palmer, 17lb 2oz zander


February 12 2019

Richard Wilby 1lb 8dr dace

Brett Longthorne, 7lb 8oz chub

Andy Waters, 3lb rudd

Mick Mills, 19lb 8oz barbel

Craig Lancashire, 33lb 10oz pike


February 19 2019

Matt Atkins, 1lb dace

Andrew Cheetham, 4lb 9oz perch

Charlie Dawkins, 3lb 1oz roach

Joe Frogett, 3lb 1oz roach


February 26 2019

Ryan Pevy, 19lb 15oz barbel

Rob Inns, 1lb 1oz 2dr dace

Robert Horwood, 8lb 4oz chub

Andy Cheetham, 4lb 14oz perch

Neill Stephen 4lb 3oz grayling


March 5 2019

Andy Cheetham, 5lb 3oz and 4lb 7oz perch

James Wainwright, 30lb 4oz pike

Nick Goode, 31lb 6oz pike

James Ufton, 17lb 15oz barbel


March 12 2019

Ryan Hayden, 4lb 10oz perch

Jake Hogger, 16lb 9oz barbel

Andrew Field, 1lb 1oz dace

Richard Wilby, 2lb 14oz roach

James Butler 7lb 13oz roach


March 19 2019

John Llewellyn, 20lb 12oz barbel

Paul Allen, 8lb 1oz chub

Rob Murfin, 18lb 14oz barbel

Ian Godbolt, 35lb 2oz pike


March 26 2019

Pete Cranstoun, 8lb 5oz chub

Michael Barnshaw, 5lb perch

Julian Barnes, 16lb 8oz barbel