Incredible week for specimen chub

There have been some incredible chevin catches recently with one surpassing the magical eight pound mark. this week the Angling Times news desk has been hit with another wave of specimen chub.

Simon Daley 7lb 8oz chub

A home-made paste-wrapped boilie cast into a deep hole was the key component in the capture of this manbificent 7lb 8oz chub for Simon Daley. 

Simon Daley 7lb 8oz chub.jpg

The 43-year-old roofer from Waterlooville, Hampshire, took advantage of a mild spell to target a lightly-fished stretch of his local River Avon in hope of a big chub.

He said: “I fished a deep hole with little flow on the inside and a crease midway across. 

“I flicked out a small mesh PVA bag loaded with broken boilies and paste and received a powerful take an hour into darkness.

“This was my only bite of the evening, and the chub put up a fantastic scrap.” 

Simon used a Drennan Series 7 rod and a 10lb fluorocarbon hooklink to help beat the fish. 

Alfie Naylor 7lb 8oz chub 

A Soon-to-be-released boilie from Nutrabaits helped Alfie Naylor tempt this cracking 7lb 8oz River Trent chub.

He told Angling Times: “I was set up and fishing just before dark. Due to the wind being very chilly I opted to fish for chub with a short hair and the bait close to the shank of the hook. 

“After an hour I had my first take which resulted in my first and only fish of the session.” Alfie used a groundbait mix incorporating liquidised boilies and damp pellets. 

Alfie Naylor 7lb 8oz chub.jpg

Rob Thompson 7lb 6oz chub

This clonking 7lb 6oz chub topped an excellent eight-fish haul for Korum-backed ace Rob Thompson who used roving tactics to great effect. 

After finding his chosen stretch of the Great Ouse running low and clear, Rob opted for a cheesepaste hookbait – presenting this on a Size 6 Korum Specialist hook tied to an 0.19mm Reflo Power hooklink. 

His first fish of the day came just 15 minutes after casting out and proved to be the biggest of the eight at an impressive 7lb 6oz.

Rob Thompson 7lb 6oz chub.jpg