Iconic Fishing T.V series available for the first time since the 70’s!

HIT 1970’s fishing series ‘Go Fishing with Jack Charlton’ is set to receive its first ever home-entertainment release, Angling Times can reveal.

Go Fishing 3d.png

The show will be available to buy on DVD from May 20 and is sure to be a hit with anglers and football fans alike.

The series sees the football legend and accomplished fly-fisher take us entertainingly and instructively through river coarse fishing and the thrills of sea wreck fishing, not to mention salmon fishing in Scotland – where the legend shows us he is just as skilled on the river bank as on the football field.

His down-to-earth common sense and humorous approach make him the ideal guide, and across the six episodes he meets with various experts to discuss their gear and specific tactics for different types of fishing – a proper blast from the past!

Go Fishing with Jack Charlton will be available for purchase on DVD from May 20 2019.

RRP is £14.99 but is available from www.amazon.co.uk for £10.99, or from www.networkonair.com for £9.00.