Edge tactics result in big eel!

AFTER seeing a large eel swim past his feet while tench fishing, Steve Grinham has been in pursuit of the monster fish – and this week he took what could have been the culprit – a 5lb 2oz specimen.

Steve was fishing close in on a Hertfordshire stillwater when the big serpent picked up his bait. He said: “It’s been tough conditions for the tench but the eels are certainly worth targeting. I knew there were big fish in here and have heard of larger eels caught.”

The superb snake fell to a legered lobworm on a size 6 wide-gape hook, fished over a pint of dead red maggots and pellets – which Steve believes are a great attractor for eels. 

These tactics also resulted in another large eel of 4lb 8oz.

Steve Grinham 5lb 2oz eel.jpg