Chub lead the way with end of season catches

Geoff Collins 7lb 8oz chub

Geoff Collins smashed his chub personal best when he landed this 7lb 8oz lump from a stretch of the Great Ouse.

Geoff told Angling Times: “The bite was a tentative tremble which I struck at more in hope than expectation. 

Geoff Collins 7lb 8oz.jpg

“The rod then arched over and an epic battle followed.”

A homemade paste fished on a size 6 hook proved the downfall of the chunky Ouse chevin.

Geoff’s top tip – “Fish into the hours of darkness if you want to catch the bigger fish”

Martin Wood - 7lb 7oz chub

The Dorset Stour gave up one of its famous big chub to visiting angler Martin Wood, in the shape of this thickset 7lb 7oz fish.

Martin Wood 7lb 7oz chub.jpg

Martin targeted a stretch near Bournemouth, Dorset, with 10mm CC Moore Live System boilies which proved irresistible to his new personal best for the species.

Martins top tip – “Boilies are a great bait for big chub as they resist the attentions of smaller fish.”

Robin Cave - 7lb 6oz chub

An evening session on a flooded River Thames paid off in fine style for Robin Cave when he landed this 7lb 6oz chub.

Robin Cave 7lb 6oz chub.jpg

Commenting on his new personal best, Robin said: “It gave a savage drop-back bite and when I hit it I knew it was going to be a good fish. It battled really hard in the high water conditions.”

Robin used a 22mm boilie wrapped in paste and fed some free offerings of boilies and pellets to get the fish into a feeding mood.

Robins top tip – “A high river can spell good conditions for both chub and barbel.”

Simeon Osborn - 7lb 4oz chub

Simeon Osborn was left almost speechless when he landed two belting chub from the Hampshire Avon, topped by this 7lb 4oz beauty.

Fishing the Winkton stretch of the beautiful southern river, Simeon started his session by baiting several swims with a few pinches of homemade cheesepaste.

Bites came from the off, and it didn’t take long before Simeon had landed a 6lb 4oz fish, to be followed in short order by the big one.

Simeon used a 1¼lb Drennan Avon Quiver and a Fox Eos 5000 reel loaded with 6lb Korum Feeder line to tame the fish.

Simeon’s top tip – “A link-leger is perfect for roving, as you can easily adjust your weight to suit the pace of the swim.”

Simeon Osborn 7lb 4oz chub.jpg