Big Rudd still on the feed!

There’s still plenty of time to bank a monster rudd and if recent catches of the species are anything to go by, a new personal best could be on the cards!

Here are three incredible rudd catches taken last week to get you in the mood…

Joe Royffe 3lb 7oz

Just a few days after banking a massive 3lb 2oz rudd from the River Cam, Joe Royffe returned to slip the net under this 3lb 7oz fish.

The specimen was taken moments after the Hertfordshire rod raked a marginal swim to clear it of lily pads and pennywort. 

He said: “I cast out a single piece of floating crust just upstream of a large fish that had shown itself. It was a classic big rudd take.”

Joe Royffe 3lb 7oz rudd_1.jpg

Sion Williams 3lb 4oz

Big rudd don’t come much better looking than this 3lb 4oz beauty, taken by Sion Williams during his latest visit to a Midlands river. He caught it alongside three others weighing more than 2lb 8oz.

Sion Williams 3lb 4oz rudd_1.jpg

Scott Day 3lb 3oz

Carper Scott Day switched to rudd during a recent session and was rewarded with this 3lb 3oz specimen. 

Targeting a Fenland river using roving tactics with floating bread hookbaits, Scott covered more-than five miles of water before hooking the monster fish.

“Eventually we managed to locate the fish – and I ended up with a 3lb 3oz specimen and a brace of twos weighing 2lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz,” he said.

3lb 3oz_1.jpg