Big roach spree on the avon

Anglers fishing the Hampshire Avon enjoyed some superb roach sport last week with a host of 2lb-plus fish topped by one of 3lb 1oz which was caught twice!

Charlie Dawkins (17), from Verwood in Dorset, was the first to encounter the giant redfin when he targeted what he believed to be roach surfacing in a slacker part of the river.

The fishery management student said: “Before the fish was netted it was in fast-flowing water. Suddenly it surfaced and only then did I realise that it was an exceptionally big roach. After careful weighing on two sets of scales it settled on 3lb 1oz.”

Charlie Dawkins roach 5.jpg

Charlie’s roach fell to maggots on a size 14 Drennan Super Specialist hook tied to a 16ins, 3lb breaking strain hooklink. 

Tom Sampson managed to tempt the same large Avon roach – easily identified by the scale pattern on its flank – this time landing it at 2lb 14oz. Like Charlie before him, Tom used feeder-fished maggots.

Tom Sampson 2lb 14oz.jpg

There are plenty more big roach in the Avon, though, as proved by Joe Froggett, who landed a different fish of 3lb 1oz from the Christchurch AC stretch at Winkton. 

Joe Froggett 3lb 1oz Avon roach.jpg

The immaculate roach was caught on trotting tactics, a ploy that also resulted in several other redfins and a good chub for the Ferndown, Dorset, angler. Joe dedicated his catch to fishing friend Colin McDonagh, who recently passed away after a long illness. 

To top an incredible week of Hampshire Avon roach, Simon Daley amassed a beautiful bag of fish all over the 1lb mark – capped off by one of 2lb 7oz. 

Simon Daley roach haul topped by 2lb 2oz.jpg

Snow-covered banks didn’t prevent Simon from trotting,and he went on to bank fish of 2lb 7oz, 2lb 2oz, 1lb 14oz, 1lb 13oz and 1lb 12oz. 

It’s safe to say that Avon roach are back with a vengeance!