baitdropper found on wye was John Wilson’s

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A baitdropper that belonged to John Wilson has been found on the banks of the River Wye.

Just weeks after the fishing world was rocked by the news of John’s sad passing, Angling Times received an email from John Walters claiming that he found the feeding device four years ago while out searching the river for signs of otters. 

Engraved on the front of the dropper is the message: ‘To John Wilson, from Stainless Steve.’

Wilson Dropper.jpg

 “It must’ve been around 2014/2015 and I was out walking the banks of the river at Courtfield, Welsh Bicknor, when I found this baitdropper lying in the grass,” John recalled.

“I’d never seen one like it and assumed it had been custom made as a present. 

“After seeing the engraving I realised it must have belonged to THE John Wilson. 

“I know that Martin Bowler is related to John and after speaking to George, the local ghillie for the stretch, he confirmed that Martin had fished that location before.

“Since I’ve become aware of John’s death it’s caused me to make an effort to return the device to his family, as it may have some sentimental value.”

Angling Times regular and big-fish maestro Martin Bowler believes the dropper did, indeed, belong to the late TV star.

He told us: “ I think there is a very good chance that it was John Wilson’s baitdropper.

“Around that time (2013) we fished together in that area and previously we had made a fishing programme together, upstream of where it was found.  

“I think John would have been pleased to learn that the finder is putting the dropper to good use, and I hope now and in the future a little bit of John helps him to catch plenty of barbel.”