Jamie Hughes has confirmed his status as the country’s greatest big-money matchman by winning £110,000 in just two weeks of competition angling. 

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The three-times Fish O’Mania winner is no stranger to the pressure of huge events, as shown when he secured victory in the Golden Reel final on September 15. 

Fishing from unfancied peg 60 on the Match Lake at Larford Lakes in Shropshire, Jamie defied the odds and fished his way to a superb £50,000 pay cheque – a fine accompaniment to the £60,000 winnings he secured during the Maver Match This final just two weeks earlier.

Talking to Angling Times, the Matrix and Spotted Fin-backed champ said: “I don’t know how to feel about it at the moment to win Maver is ridiculous, but I honestly never thought I had a chance at the Golden Reel from the peg I was in.

“I don’t know what’s next, but I know I just love competing in these big-money events. 

“This might just take off some of the pressure, so I can really go all out for it again next year.”

Jamie told Angling Times how he has planned to spend his
well-earned winnings…

“I have paid off the house with the Maver money and I’m going to get a new van. The rest will go to the family,” he said. 

Jamie’s win highlights the growing demand for big-money matches like these, which are becoming increasingly popular around the country.

And his top tip to those who may be looking to enter one? “There is a lot of pressure in these matches and it can be quite demoralising at times, trying to get to the final,” he said.

“If it’s what you really want, my main advice is to be persistent and just keep going.”