World champ lands huge pike on a feeder!

Five-times World Champion Alan Scotthorne had a big surprise when he landed this huge pike... on feeder gear!

The famous matchman was fishing Loco Pool at Lindholme Lakes when he hooked the predator, estimated to have weighed around the 30lb mark. He was fishing three maggots on a size 16 hook to a 2.6lb Drennan Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklink when the rod-tip arched round and he set the hook into the jaws of the fish at the day-ticket fishery near Doncaster.

“I struck at the bite and thought I’d hooked a massive bream, then this great crocodile broke the surface,” said Alan.

“Although I never weighed it I’m sure it was close to 30lb, if not more. I caught a 28lb pike when I was a lad, and this fish looked bigger than that.”

Alan with his massive pike at Lindholme

Alan with his massive pike at Lindholme