Sharks to 450lb falling to anglers fishing from the South West

A procession of huge sharks to almost 450lb have been caught from UK waters. 

The capture of a porbeagle of 400lb was first to prove that more huge predators are visiting our shores than ever before. The fish was brought to the side of Sam Narbett’s Bluefin Charters boat by Ammo bait boss Ian Tyldesley of St Ives, Cornwall. After a long steam to a mark
15-20 miles north of St Ives, a whole mackerel was a winner for Ian, who was testing his own chum and hookbait. 

“About an hour into the trip the farthest float took a quick dive then, to our frustration, popped back up – but after a couple of minutes the nearest float was pulled away,” recalled Sam.

“After 25 minutes, we saw a bit of colour and thought the fish – which looked huge – may have been tiring, but it had seen us too and it took off. An hour later, after following it with the boat, we finally managed to get it alongside,” he added.

The same day, out of Falmouth aboard Fast Cat Charters with skipper Jerry Rogers, saw Jay Oxenham catch the biggest fish of his life – a 450lb porbeagle that took an hour and 45 minutes to get to the boat. “It was as fat as a cow,” said Jay. “All in all, it was an amazing father and son trip and we shall cherish the memories.”

Somerset angler Ben Carter caught two ‘porgies’ from his own 17ft boat off Cornwall. One of the Bruton angler’s fish measured 78ins long with a 40ins girth and was estimated at 166lb. The other, at 90ins x 63ins, suggested a weight of 446lb.

Paul Rose, of Taunton, Somerset, also got in on the action when he caught and released a 225lb porbeagle.He was fishing fromReel Deal, skippered by Dan Hawkins out of Watchet, Somerset. Read more in the latest issue of Sea Angler magazine – on sale May 4.