Robson Green - The Interview

Angling TV star Robson Green talks to the Angling Times about his life in fishing and his new series 'Grand Slam Fishing'....

AT: What can we expect from Grand Slam Fishing?

“An incredible adventure that has everything... breathtaking venues, some of the world’s most
hard-fighting fish, lots of laughs and some truly beautiful production.

“It’s the best series I’ve done. I still have to pinch myself that I get to do what is every angler’s dream. I never take it for granted.”

 Grand Slam Fishing sees Robson travel to some of the world's most exotic places

Grand Slam Fishing sees Robson travel to some of the world's most exotic places


AT: What was your favourite fish/catch during ‘Grand Slam’?

“We’d been fly fishing for tarpon for eight hours straight when I decided to really try and make something happen.

“I wanted to get a bait really deep so I opted for a super heavy sinking line which felt like I was casting with washing line, but I felt it was right.

“I made a perfect cast right next to a structure where we thought the tarpon would be and started stripping the line back… then wham! The fish took.

“This 30lb bar of pure silver gave me one hell of a fight, and it felt as if 10 years of filming and becoming a better all-round angler had come together in this moment.


AT: In 10 years of making fishing shows what have you learned?

“I did my first in 2007, and in the early days I thought I was awful. I was trying so hard to be windswept and interesting! To be honest I thought it might harm my career.

“But with every series I’ve become more relaxed, a better presenter, and really honed my skills. Ultimately I’m a happier person and I have fishing to thank for this. Acting is a stressful game and fishing helps me relax.”


You’ve travelled the world and caught many different fish over the years. What’s left?

“In the episode in the Florida Keys we did some scuba diving to have a look around the structures for some underwater sequences.

“Suddenly I saw what I thought was a huge rock and started making my way over to it until this particular rock started to move. It was a giant grouper! On reviewing the footage I was told that this was a ‘baby’ of around 250lb! I so want to catch one of these now… preferably that one’s mum or dad.

“Making shows like this has allowed me to cast a line in over 130 different countries and I feel lucky and honoured to have been able to do so, but there are still so many beautiful places to visit. Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands and venues in the Caribbean are just a few.”


AT: Do you still go fishing in your spare time?

“I can’t get enough of it, and there’s nothing like fishing the rivers back home because this is where it all started when I was seven. The last two years have been the busiest in my professional career but I get out there every chance I get and savour every minute.”


AT: What do you hope anglers will take from the series?

“I just hope this hammers home the fact that there’s so much more to fishing than numbers.

“Yes, there’s nothing better than catching big hard-fighting fish or getting a bite on days when you just feel like giving up, but it’s about being in the now and sharing all this with others.

“I’ve been an actor for 32 years and you’ve got to be good at being someone else… portraying false sincerity.

“This isn’t the case when I’m fishing, as I can just be me. I’m happiest when I’m fishing and I hope people get that.”

 More details of his new series can be found at

More details of his new series can be found at