River Nene chub record smashed

The biggest chub ever caught from the River Nene has been banked.

The giant 7lb 8oz specimen was caught by Peterborough & District AA bailiff Andy Bell when he fished a tiny feeder with a piece of breadflake nicked on to the hook.

It’s believed to be more than 1lb heavier than any chub previously reported from the waterway, and comes hot on the heels of the HGV driver’s capture of a 29lb 12oz pike from the same river.

“I’ve fished this river for more than 35 years and the quality of the specimen angling has never been better,” said Andy.

“This chub is incredible and is the biggest I’ve ever heard of from the Nene. It beats my personal best that stood at 6lb 8oz.”

Andy’s rig was made from 6lb line tied straight through to a
size 8 hook, and it fooled three other chub to 4lb 8oz on the day.

The only bait that he constantly introduced into his swim was via his feeder.

“It’s vital not to overfeed when the water temperatures are low, so I used a tiny feeder about the same size as my thumbnail and packed it with liquidised bread,” Andy continued.

“This, coupled with the huge pike I caught recently, has made for an incredible tail end to the season so far.

“It proves once again what astonishing potential the Nene has as a big-fish venue.”

Andy Bell's River Nene record chub was tempted on a piece of breadflake.