Pit session produces seven amazing roach over 2lb!

Britain's stillwaters are producing some incredible fish right now, and Mick Dinnigan took a catch of roach that many anglers could only dream about when he banked seven huge specimens.

Every roach broke the 2lb barrier, with the biggest tipping the scales at 2lb 13oz – and all were caught on simple maggot feeder tactics. The rest of the fish landed weighed 2lb 11oz, two at 2lb 9oz, 2lb 8oz, and another pair at 2lb 2oz apiece. They were backed up by roach of 1lb 15oz, 1lb 14oz and 1lb 10oz.

All the Yorkshire specialist’s fish came from a southern gravel pit where Mick has been concentrating his efforts for the last few months. This is easily his biggest-ever catch of roach over the 2lb mark.

“It was a two-night trip, and I decided not to put too much bait in because it would have attracted the attentions of too many carp,” he told Angling Times.

“Conditions were really good. I decided to base my attack at around 60 yards, which proved to be the correct decision. 

“There aren’t that many venues that hold numbers of 2lb roach, but carp fishing syndicates have many big fish and are well worth targeting if you can gain access to them.”

All Mick’s roach were beaten on a rig constructed from a 0.12 mm hooklink and a size 16 hook. This set-up has proved deadly for the resident roach, but Mick has also enjoyed success with the lake’s carp stocks, landing fish to a best of 28lb 10oz.