Monster perch on the munch!

The perch season has exploded into action in one of the best weeks so far for this exciting species. 

Last week we reported Matt Atkins’ phenomenal 5lb 6oz stripey... and now he’s followed it up with a stunning 5lb 5oz fish.

Matt Atkins 5lb 5oz.jpg

In the same session, the predator ace also landed one of 4lb 3oz and a couple of three-pounders. 

Matt said: “It’s unbelievable really. I was happy to have caught the 4lb fish, but to catch this latest 5lb 5oz perch is incredible.” 

Targeting the same Lea Valley venue as before, he put his faith in a feeder-fished lobworm.

Chris West also got in on the big perch action with a 4lb 12oz fish from Kings Weir fishery on the River Lea. Chris told Angling Times: “I initially thought the fish was a pike, but my legs turned to jelly when I saw it turn and realised it was a perch.” The fish nailed a 7.5cm Fox Curly Tail soft plastic lure in a perch pattern, and is a personal best for the Herefordshire angler.

Chris West 4lb 12oz.jpg

Edward Matthews added to the week’s perch haul with a 3lb 13oz specimen taken from a Midlands reservoir. He used a vibrantly coloured jig to bring the bite from an equally flamboyant golden fish.

Edward Matthews 3lb 13oz.jpg

Sam Witan continued the action with a cracking 3lb 11oz perch from Reading’s Wasing Estate Fishery. Using a lobworm on a jig head, Sam was twitching his bait along the deck when the striped specimen engulfed his bait.

Sam Witan 3lb 11oz.jpg

A mobile approach was the key to success for Dan Eaves, who landed a 3lb 7oz perch alongside several other good fish. Targeting a Thames tributary in Surrey, Dan found a few pockets of fry and cast out a chartreuse Kopyto Shad. After a very subtle take, Dan hit into the fish, and after a few heavy head shakes he knew it was a quality specimen.

Dan Eaves 3lb 7oz.jpg

Simon Rumsey rounded the week off with an ancient-looking 3lb 5oz perch.

The fish, which is a new personal best for Simon, took a Savage Gear lure and fought hard for the safety of marginal snags. 

After the capture, Simon said: “I was totally blown away and was pretty much in a daze the whole of the next day.”

Simon Rumsey 3lb 5oz.jpg