Chub catch topped by a 7lb 15oz giant

All of Gary's chub topped 6lb!

All of Gary's chub topped 6lb!

One of the year’s most impressive hauls of big chub has been taken... on the waggler!

Carp angler Gary Norton proved he’s no one-trick pony with a five- fish catch topped by a 7lb 15oz specimen.

Targeting a stretch of the Lea Navigation in Hertfordshire, the local 42-year-old fed two pints of casters to back up the giant with a number of other chub to 6lb.

Gary, who has racked up more than 100 carp over 30lb and eight 40-pounders from the adjoining Lee Valley gravel pits, told Angling Times: “Most of my angling mates look at me as someone who sits behind buzzers, but I would like to consider myself as a bit more of an all-rounder, as I enjoy targeting anything with fins.

“The conditions were crying out for a chub session, and so rather than sitting there blanking away on the pits I decided to have a bash.

“It proved a decent call, as I am led to believe this is one of the best hauls of chub from the Lee Navigation in 10 or so years.”

Gary kept the bites coming by continually loosefeeding casters, and he fished the same bait on a size 18 Drennan Super Specialist hook to a 2.6lb hooklink to take all his chub.

Now, flushed with his success on running water, Gary has vowed to turn his attentions to roach.

“I’ve had my eye on a big redfin for a long time now,” said Gary.

“With a result like this under my belt I’m really confident, so watch this space.”