Carp angler catches huge 17lb 1oz bream fishing a Bedford lake

A bream of 17lb 1oz has topped an incredible haul of big slabs from a stillwater, for a carp angler. 

And just days before Scott Rowson banked his giant haul from Dovecote Lake in Bedford,  another angler landed a 20lb 4oz bream from the same lake. Carper Scott, whose final tally was 13 double-figure bream, told Angling Times: 

“The start of February is hardly the ideal time for catching bream, so I couldn’t really believe it when double after double kept coming to the net. I may have been fishing for carp but when the slabs are that big, it is a real pleasure to catch them.

“When it warms up I’ll definitely be returning with tactics more suited to the species to see if I can catch an even bigger specimen.”

 In just 48-hours on the syndicated water, the local rod amassed the haul while fishing a home-made boilie hookbait presented 90 yards out, with three carp to 37lb capping off the session. Incredibly, an even bigger bream was landed just days before from the venue, with Terry Atkins fooling a 20lb 4oz lake record beast that was returned without being photographed.