Biggest ever rod-caught stingray is landed in Thailand

An incredible fight just 20 minutes short of six hours ended with the capture of what is believed to be world’s biggest stingray on rod and line by a UK angler fishing in Thailand.

Luke Benson caught the giant, estimated to have weighed 550lb, when he visited Thailand’s Bang Pakong River under the expert tuition of the professional guides of Fishing Adventures Thailand.

Being in the military, Luke certainly held his own in the early stages of the fight, but when the team realised what he’d hooked extra manpower was soon at hand to help subdue the huge fish.

Locals in the area had to bring out a stronger rod and eventually help Luke net this monster after he hung on behind the rod for nearly six hours. 

“It was the size of a barn door, and our experienced team estimated the weight as being close to 250 kilos, which is 550lb.

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