Angler's joy at 5lb plus eel!

Ian McDonald’s first eel fishing session of the season produced his biggest-ever specimen caught by design at 5lb 6oz.

After hearing stories of anglers being smashed up by big eels at a club lake in the south of the UK, the Kent all-rounder took some fish heads out of his freezer in the hope that this bait would avoid the attentions of the carp. It was a plan that worked out perfectly, and he received a confident take after casting his hookbait over to a reedy margin and scattering dead maggots over the top.

“A few years ago a float angler I met on the banks of the lake told me about being smashed up by a huge eel, so I thought I’d give it a go – and I’m so glad that I did,” said Ian. "This just goes to show that it’s always worth talking to other anglers and listening to the stories that are told while you’re out.”