4lb crucian surprise

Many anglers are turning their attentions to crucians – and one of those is Ryan Hayden. He struck gold when his first bite at a new venue produced a fish-of-a-lifetime in the shape of this 4lb 1oz specimen.

A Drennan Pellet Feeder, that was packed with micro pellets and crushed halibut pellets, was cast 25yds out into a southern stillwater and it was a single grain of buoyant imitation corn that did the trick. “My first thoughts were that it was another tench, but as it come closer and closer it just became a heavy weight. When it popped up just out from the rod-tip I could see it was a huge crucian and the biggest I had ever seen,” he said.

“I would have never imagined my first bite on a new venue would have been not only from my target species, but one of the very fish I hoped to catch one day.”