North match results from week ending 10.04.16

Monday to Saturday

Brookside Fishery
Snake Lake (23 pegs)

There wasn’t much to divide first and second on Saturday, Nick Butterworth and Steve Carrier ending up just 6oz apart. Nick won with 90-12-0 of F1s and the occasional carp at peg 18 where he fished pellet at 14m to the sedges and down the side.
Steve was on peg 30 and also used pellet for 90-6-0 of F1s.
Result: 1 N Butterworth, Challinor Sports, 90-12-0; 2 S Carrier, Widnes Angling Centre, 90-6-0; 3 Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, 81-10-0; 4 R Wightman, Drennan NW, 79-0-0; 5 Stu Conroy, Kamasan, 76-4-0;
6 J Turner, Ray’s Tackle, 68-14-0.

Fishing Republic
Spring League (rnd 6)
Messingham Sands, Island Lake (27 pegs)

Jamie Hall came out on top by just 7oz in
a very tight match as he netted 11 carp on Method feeder and pellet for 65-15-0 off peg 43.
Russ Fowler came a close second this week with 13 carp plus some skimmers taken on a small pellet feeder from peg 24 for 65-8-0.
Result: 1 J Hall, Team Daiwa, 65-15-0;
2 R Fowler, Fishing Republic, 65-6-0;
3 I Grimshaw, Fishing Republic, 60-9-0;
4 P Taylor, Team Daiwa, 56-12-0.

Hampton Springs Over 50s (Tues)
Rock, Alice Springs & Meadow Pools (36 pegs)

The Meadow Pool dominated the frame and Steve Worrell put in a great performance from it to take top spot. Targeting the margins with corn and meat, he found carp to 10lb plus silvers for 50-4-0.
Result: 1 S Worrell, Hampton Springs, 50-4-0; 2 E Peters, Hampton Springs,
45-1-0; 3 P Gerrard, Hampton Springs, 39-6-0; 4 P Hodge, Tackle Store, 37-5-0.
Heronbrook Fisheries
Canal, Bridge & Meadow Pools (37 pegs)

The Bridge Pool produced first and second on Saturday with Alex Hulme taking the honours off peg 10 fishing meat at 14m to the far bank to weigh-in 129-14-0 of F1s to 3lb.
Mel Kearns used the same approach on peg 26 for 121-4-0 of F1s to finish second.
Result: 1 A Hulme, Maver Gold, 129-14-0;
2 M Kearns, Browning Lifestyle, 121-4-0;
3 E Warren, Preston Innovations, 114-8-0; 4 P Gibson, Nathan’s Tackle, 107-14-0; 5 R Pedlar, Heronbrook, 107-2-0; 6 P Truman, Rugeley, 105-4-0.

Highfield Fisheries Over 60s (Fri)
Beech Lake (20 pegs)

This match saw a comfortable win for Ted Carter Preston’s Arthur Hargreaves who, from peg 223, fished pellet at 14m to net carp and brown goldfish for 31-10-0.
Paul Connolly was on peg 14 and got closest to him with 18-1-0 of ide and skimmers all taken on polefished caster.
Result: 1 A Hargreaves, Ted Carter Preston, 31-10-0; 2 P Connolly, Rochdale Angling, 18-1-0; 3 P Devoys, Dobbin Masters, 16-2-0; 4 T Shields, Ted Carter Preston, 14-12-0.

Lingmere Fishery Over 50s (Weds)
Both lakes (26 pegs)

Chopped worm and caster is beginning to work at many fisheries around the UK and it was the winning approach for Peter Cooke in midweek. The Lobol man used it at 5m from peg 9 on the Match Lake to weigh-in 71-2-0 of F1s, skimmers and a few carp.
Result: 1 P Cooke, Lobol AC, 71-2-0;
2 G Selby, Lingmere, 61-6-0; 3 L Bolton, Lingmere, 60-8-0; 4 P Barwell, Matrix Widnes Angling Centre, 57-13-0.

Lingmere Fishery
Both lakes (20 pegs)

Drawing peg 30 on the Match Lake, Saints’ man Steve Boyd fished Method feeder and banded pellet to weigh-in 65-14-0 of carp, F1s and skimmers.
Result: 1 S Boyd, Saints, 65-14-0;
2 G Baugh, Saints, 62-12-0; 3 P Price, Saints, 55-6-0; 4 J Cloney, Vine Baits, 54-6-0.

Meadow View Fisheries OAP & Disabled (Tues)
Lark Pool (22 pegs)

Dave Hancox never gave any of his rivals a chance as he took the spoils with 76-6-0. The Warrington Tackle & Guns rod drew peg 6 and caught carp to 9lb at 12m on polefished pellet.
Result: 1 D Hancox, Warrington Tackle & Guns, 76-6-0; 2 D Bruce, Edgeley Sports, 46-0-0; 3 L Gibbons, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 29-0-0; 4 S Leith, Meadow View, 7-8-0.

Moorfields Farm
Match Lake (22 pegs)

Sticking to pellet at 14m across all-day from peg 12, Andy Waters picked off carp to 6lb and some skimmers to lead the way with his 90-2-0 weight.
Sid Ellis switched between pellet and corn for second with 75-14-0 of carp to 8lb.
Result: 1 A Waters, Moorfields, 90-2-0;
2 S Ellis, Moorfields, 75-14-0; 3 S Hoyle, Moorfields, 68-8-0; 4 G Crane, Harehills, 59-14-0; 5 M Mellor, Moorfields, 54-14-0;
6 D Lockwood, DL Floats, 51-6-0.

Newton-le-Willows AA
Over 60s (Thurs)
Yew Tree Reservoir (25 pegs)

Worm was the bait of the day and Alan Tickle fared best with it as he landed 27-4-0. Carp and bream fell to long pole tactics from peg 15 throughout the session.
Result: 1 A Tickle, Newton-le-Willows, 27-4-0; 2 E McLorie, Newton-le-Willows, 16-6-0; 3 D Thom, Liverpool, 14-10-0;
4 E Marcroft, Golborne Tackle & Bait, 9-12-0.

Oaks Lakes
Cedar Lake (22 pegs)

Middy rod Chris Kendall topped a small but quality field from peg 45 where he fished maggot shallow for most of the day across, finishing in the margins again on maggot for 118-11-0 of mainly F1s.
Result: 1 C Kendall, Middy, 118-11-0;
2 C Hall, The Oaks, 96-10-0; 3 M Calvert, Garbolino Elton, 90-7-0; 4 S Brunyee, The Oaks, 82-12-0; 5 C Harper, Colmic Scotland, 80-2-0; 6 R Minikin, Sonu Baits, 76-12-0.

Partridge Lakes
OAP & Disabled (Mon)
Marsh, Ribbon & Spey Canal Lakes (33 pegs)

Eddie Battersby thrashed his opponents with a 110-8-0 winner. Drawn on peg 10 on the Spey Canal, the Leigh Tackle & Bait rod used chopped worm and caster at 6m and 13m to the far bank for F1s to 3lb, carp and a few silvers.
Alan Worthington couldn’t match that pace, but took second place from nearby peg 14 on the same lake with 59-8-0.
Result: 1 E Battersby, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 110-8-0; 2 A Worthington, Partridge Lakes, 59-8-0; 3 B Whittle, Dave’s Tackle, 51-4-0; 4 S Hunt, Crown Tackle & Bait, 50-0-0;
5 M Brown, Partridge Lakes, 46-0-0;
6 C Diamond, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, 43-4-0.

Partridge Lakes OAP
& Disabled (Weds)
Covey Canal Lakes (44 pegs)

The weights were down a little compared to recent matches but Chris Diamond still put plenty of fish in the net for 54-7-0. Targeting the deep water down the middle of peg 83 on Canal 4 worked best, with F1s to 2lb and the odd ide falling to maggot at 6m.
Result: 1 C Diamond, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, 54-7-0; 2 P Lee, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 45-10-0; 3 D Bibby, Cheshire Angling, 44-4-0; 4 G Pemberton, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 42-5-0; 5 P Oakes, Garswood Hall, 41-7-0; 6 R Smith, Chester Tackle Locker, 41-1-0.

Partridge Lakes (Thurs)
Covey Canal Lakes (34 pegs)

This was arguably the best match of the year at the complex as the top six shared over 600lb between them. Mark Tregear had his fair share of that total, using pellet at 6m and in the margins from peg 59 on Canal 3 for a 124-4-0 win.
Young hotshot Kristian Jones was the next in line with 111-10-0 from peg 74 on Canal 3.
Result: 1 M Tregear, Partridge Lakes, 124-4-0; 2 K Jones, Maver, 111-10-0;
3 K Gallagher, Highfield, 110-14-0;
4 M Lucas, Mosella, 104-5-0; 5 M Rogerson, Preston Innovations/Ashton Angling Supplies, 95-4-0; 6 T Bowler, Partridge Lakes, 82-6-0.

St Helens AA (Mon)
Carr Mill Dam (20 pegs)

A trio of bream backed by three skimmers secured victory for Paul Swift at peg 76, the Leigh Tackle & Bait man weighing in 9-13-0 as groundbait feeder and red maggot did the trick.
Result: 1 P Swift, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 9-13-0; 2 M Lever, St Helens AA, 7-5-0;
3 G Dawes, Ted Carter Preston, 5-3-0;
4 A Wilson, Platt Bridge Angling, 3-12-0.

Wigan DAA (Weds)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Adlington Marina (22 pegs)

Hindley rod Ken Sharples was back in top form for this midweek open. Drawing on the Marina he took a net of bream and skimmers on breadpunch fished at 13m for a winning 7-0-4.
Result: 1 K Sharples, Hindley, 7-0-4;
2 S Wilson, Lancs MG, 5-0-0; 3 V Walsh, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 3-3-4; 4 J Walker, Bolton, 3-2-0; 5 D Bradley, Maver NW, 2-11-5; 6 S Birchall, Sensas NW, 2-11-4.

Wigan DAA
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Leyland Mill Lane (30 pegs)

A good turnout on the canal on the Leyland Mill Lane section saw match winner Brian Boyne put 5-7-0 on the scales from permanent peg 91. The Bolton rod caught skimmers to 1lb topped up with small roach all taken on the long pole with breadpunch.
Result: 1 B Boyne, Bolton, 5-7-0;
2 S Wilson, Lancs MG, 4-12-12; 3 J Walker, Bolton, 4-10-0; 4 L Clayton, Hindley, 4-3-0; 5 T Stothers, Gidlow Angling, 4-1-8;
6 J Edwards, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 3-8-12.

Woodland Lakes (Weds)
Curlew & Wagtail Lakes (21 pegs)

High winds battered the complex and Macauley Pearson faired best in the tough conditions. The Maver angler drew peg 13 on the Wagtail Lake and used short pole and bomb with hard pellet hookbaits for carp to 8lb.
Result: 1 M Pearson, Maver, 76-1-0;
2 N Carr, Woodland Tackle, 65-2-0;
3 M Wheeler, Woodland Tackle, 50-15-0;
4 G Poole, Woodland Tackle, 45-4-0;
5 M Lovelass, Mosella Quaker, 44-0-0;
6 M Webb, Woodland Tackle, 33-8-0.


Aston Park Fishery Super Sunday
Butts Lake (18 pegs)

Pellet and corn fished over micro pellet over to the far bank at 13m off peg 9 secured the win for Andrew Morley as he netted carp and F1s to 2lb to take 41-8-0.
Result: 1 A Morley, Kiveton, 41-8-0;
2 D Hooper, Mosborough Tackle Box, 41-6-0; 3 D Needham, Aston Park, 39-12-0; 4 A Batham, Aston Park, 34-6-0;
5 S Chumbley, Aston Park, 34-2-0;
6 A Smith, Aston Park, 32-10-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover
West Lodge, Ash, Pine & Trio Pools (37 pegs)

Matt Higgins won this rover at a canter as the Neptune Tackle man bagged 153-8-0 to finish almost 75lb clear of the rest. He picked peg 75 on the Pine Pool and fished 6mm pellet across to the far bank and in the margins for carp to 6lb.
Mitch Rawlinson was second on peg 1 of the Trio Pool where he took carp and F1s on pellet fished in the margins for 75-8-0.
Result: 1 M Higgins, Neptune Tackle, 153-8-0; 2 M Rawlinson, Fishing Republic, 75-8-0; 3 K Webster, Trafford Tackle, 74-15-0; 4 J Brown, Blundell’s, 62-9-0;
5 D McGuire, Mosella, 59-6-0; 6 B Bush, Marine Travel, 58-7-0.

Brookside Fishery
Snake & Willow Lakes (29 pegs)

A winner at the fishery last Sunday, Ross Wightman was at it again as he took 100-2-0 for the honours at peg 7 on the Willow Lake. Chopped worm and caster to the island at 16m and down the edge gave him a net of carp, F1s, skimmers and ide.
That beat Paul Jones at peg 36 on the Snake Lake. He took 74-4-0 of F1s on pellet fished across and in the edge.
Result: 1 R Wightman, Drennan NW, 100-2-0; 2 P Jones, JW Pole Repairs, 74-4-0; 3 G Baugh, Tackle Saver, 71-12-0;
4 J Nugent, Ashton Angling Supplies, 62-0-0; 5 T Dewhurst, Premier Driveways, 61-10-0; 6 C Ruscoe, Parkfield Angling, 55-14-0.

Cudmore Fisheries
Individual League Final
Suez Canal & Moors Pools (20 pegs)

The £300 top prize went the way of Pete Holmes in this final as he weighed-in 55-2-0 of carp to 3lb plus F1s, tench and ide from peg 5 on the Moors Pool, catching on maggot down the track.
The same approach worked on peg 19 of the Moors Pool where Ant Furnival came second with a 42-12-0 mixed bag.
Result: 1 P Holmes, Whitmore Leisure, 55-2-0; 2 A Furnival, Ted Carter Preston, 42-12-0; 3 P Clements, Whitmore Leisure, 42-4-0.

DSP Ltd PTFE FLEX Ltd Spring League (rnd 4)
Sankey Canal, Upper Pound (20 pegs)

Lots of small fish ruled the day here on the canal and Leigh rod Billy Aston picked off a level 8-0-0 of roach and perch on long pole and maggot.
Next was Ian Alexander who also fished pole and maggot for 7-13-8 of roach and perch.
Result: 1 B Aston, Leigh, 8-0-0;
2 I Alexander, Oldham, 7-13-8; 3 K Senior, Golborne, 6-12-8; 4 I Wilson, Newton-le-Willows, 5-15-8.

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes
Beeches, Benny’s & Loco Lakes (75 pegs)

A couple of bonus carp proved vital to Chris Reilly as he scooped the jackpot.
The Ossett man drew peg 9 on Loco Lake and used the bomb and pole with pellet hookbaits for F1s to 3lb and the odd lump for a 78-15-0 total.
James Burke relied on the feeder for 78-12-0 from peg 7 on the same water.
Result: 1 C Reilly, Ossett, 78-15-0;
2 J Burke, Tri-Cast Calder, 78-12-0;
3 N Burrows, Slaithwaite, 71-6-0;
4 L Wright, Matrix, 68-12-0; 5 G Norris, Lindholme, 68-4-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries
Spring League (rnd 4)
All lakes (120 pegs)

There’s now a tie for the overall lead after round four, Drennan NW and Maver Midlands Mango both sitting on 64 points, Maver Midlands/Garbolino winning the round with 14 points.
Dean Lockett took the individual honours from peg 35 on the Match Lake, corn on the feeder and in the margins producing carp to 12lb plus F1s for 132-13-0.
Mark Fox was second with 127-6-0 of carp to 13lb off Meadow Pool peg 26 where he fished punch to the far bank.
Result: 1 D Lockett, Heronbrook, 132-12-0; 2 M Fox, Maver Midlands, 127-6-0; 3 G Thomas, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, 115-11-0; 4 A Higginbottom, Matrix Dynamite Baits Trentmen, 106-2-0; 5 T Ebbrell, Connect Tackle, 102-0-0; 6 M Lucas, Nathan’s Tackle, 96-10-0.
Teams: 1 Maver Midlands/Garbolino, 14pts; 2 Maver Gold Oak, 15; 3 Mosella NW, 16; jt4 Ted Carter Southport and Matrix Dynamite Baits Trentmen, both 17; 6 Melvin’s Mob, 18.
League: Jt1 Drennan NW and Maver Midlands Mango, both 64pts; 3 Maver Gold Oak, 67; 4 Mosella NW, 70;
5 Nathan’s Tackle, 71; 6 Tri-Cast Highfield, 73.

JT Rodgers Spring Series
Moor Monkton Pools, Cyprio & Match Pools (37 pegs)

Shallow tactics worked well for Lee Smith at peg 18 on the Cyprio Pool as he won a peg-to-peg battle with Steve Pearson thanks to 64-6-0 of carp taken on meat up in the water at 14m.
Steve was on peg 17 and he also went shallow but with pellet at 16m for 54-8-0 of carp.
Result: 1 L Smith, Leeds, 64-6-0;
2 S Pearson, Leeds, 54-8-0; 3 A Barker, Leeds, 52-0-0; 4 E Boldison, York, 47-14-0; 5 D Wright, Leeds, 47-1-0.

Liverpool DAA Top
Angler League (rnd 2)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Saracen’s Head (40 pegs)

Victory for the Liverpool AS Blue side on eight points sees them sitting eight points clear overall from the Four Skins side.
They also had the top individual as Barry Thomas took 6-8-0 from the middle of the match length, a net of roach and hybrids taken on caster fished at 11m.
Result: 1 B Thomas, Liverpool AS Blue, 6-8-0; 2 J Elms, Liverpool AS Red, 4-12-8;
3 M Glover, Four Skins, 4-6-10; 4 M Parker, Liverpool AS Black, 3-15-6.
Teams: 1 Liverpool AS Blue, 8pts;
2 Liverpool AS Red, 12; 3 Liverpool AS Black, 16.
League: 1 Liverpool AS Blue, 20pts; 2 Four Skins, 28; 3 Liverpool AS Red, 32.

Meadow View Fisheries
Lark Pool (18 pegs)

Casting bomb and pellet onto his long pole line at peg 25, Barry Davies picked off carp, including a bonus 12lb fish plus a few small chub to win with 39-8-0.
Result: 1 B Davies, Deeside Tackle, 39-8-0; 2 D Hancox, Warrington Tackle & Guns, 24-2-0; 3 D Williams, Warrington Tackle & Guns, 23-0-0; 4 M Stokes, Marukyu, 22-10-0.

Middlewich Individual Spring League (rnd 1)
Trent & Mersey Canal, Middlewich (36 pegs)

The Top Lock was the place to be in this opener with Ted Carter Southport’s Chris Gorrell finding some quality in the shape of two perch and a big skimmer on worm fished down the middle of peg 12 for 6-0-0 and victory.
Simon Preece claimed second on peg 9 with 4-11-8 of roach on squatt fished at 10m.
Result: 1 C Gorrell, Ted Carter Southport, 6-0-0; 2 S Preece, Browning Lifestyle, 4-11-8; 3 A Marsden, Sam’s Tackle Wigan, 4-9-4; 4 P Hughes, Sensas, 4-3-2;
5 S Holbrook, Dave’s of Middlewich, 3-7-13; 6 B Campbell, Team Guinness, 3-7-10.

Mirfield AC
Huddersfield Broad Canal (52 pegs)

This warm up for the forthcoming Spring League on the canal saw big fish take the main money. Andy Bradley netted two bream and two roach on caster fished at 11m from the match length for 7-14-0 and victory.
Martin Taylor was three pegs away from the winner and used chopped worm and caster on the long pole to bag two bream for second with 6-2-0.
Result: 1 A Bradley, Mirfield Willy Worms, 7-14-0; 2 M Taylor, Matrix Halifax, 6-2-0;
3 S Haigh, Angler’s World Holidays, 5-7-0; 4 A Smith, Oldham, 5-0-0; 5 G Scollick, Bradford, 4-5-0; 6 D Chadwick, Matrix Halifax, 4-1-0.
Oaks Lakes
Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (37 pegs)

There were plenty of fish showing around the lakes despite the frost. Luke Hawksworth took the lion’s share at peg 24 on the Sycamore Lake to win with 128-10-0 of carp to 4lb using pellet and maggot in the margins.
Dean Smith finished with 120-6-0 of fish to 3lb on Method feeder and maggot and from the margins at peg 6 on the Beech Lake.
Result: 1 L Hawksworth, Colmic Woodlands, 128-10-0; 2 D Smith, Bait-Tech, 120-6-0; 3 D Bennett, The Oaks, 107-13-0; 4 C Watson, The Oaks, 106-15-0; 5 P Sellars, Woodland Tackle, 95-15-0;
6 C Hall, The Oaks, 95-4-0.

Partridge Lakes
Covey Canal Lakes (85 pegs)

Steve Hart concentrated on the margins to win on Sunday as he drew peg 72 on Canal 3 and fished pellet and worm down both sides to take 91-13-0 of carp and F1s.
That left Steve Avison in second on peg 100 of Canal 4 where he caught carp and F1s on corn fished at 13m to the island for 91-3-0.
Result: 1 S Hart, Tackle Mill, 91-13-0;
2 S Avison, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 91-3-0;
3 M Tregear, Partridge Lakes, 88-5-0;
4 C Weeder Jnr, St Helens Angling, 82-15-0; 5 C Weeder Snr, St Helens Angling, 75-10-0; 6 P Tickle, St Helens Angling, 75-6-0.

St Helens AA
Carr Mill Dam (34 pegs)

Switching between groundbait and Method feeder with red maggot at peg 73, local rod Steve Ward found two bream backed by skimmers to win with 12-13-0. Second went to Paul Swift with 9-14-0 of skimmers as he fished the pellet feeder with maggot on the hook from peg 23.
Result: 1 S Ward, St Helens AA, 12-13-0;
2 P Swift, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 9-14-0;
3 K Hall, Champion Feed, 8-10-0; 4 B Kelly, Tri-Cast/Harry’s Tackle, 7-6-0.

Woodland Lakes
Kestrel, Skylark & Wagtail Lakes (31 pegs)

Pellet shallow at 14m saw Chris Pentland land carp to 8lb at peg 17 on the Kestrel Lake, his 118-6-0 net finishing over 30lb in front of Phil Noble who, off peg 11 on the same lake, also found carp for 85-2-0.
Result: 1 C Pentland, Woodland Tackle, 118-6-0; 2 P Noble, Woodland Tackle, 85-2-0; 3 M Lovelass, Mosella Quaker, 79-4-0; 4 K Pentland, Woodland Tackle, 77-14-0; 5 T Bainbridge, Woodland Tackle, 58-6-0; 6 S Sharples, Woodland Tackle, 52-8-0.