Midlands match results from week ending 10.04.16

Monday to Saturday

Climax Wold View Fishery
Gold Lake (23 pegs)

A level 40-0-0 was enough to secure the honours for Tom Braithwaite at peg 13 as he picked off carp and F1s on corn and pellet fished long and down the edge. That left Stewart Sykes to settle for second at peg 24 with 38-12-0.
Result: 1 T Braithwaite, Wold View, 40-0-0; 2 S Sykes, Wold View, 38-12-0;
3 G Garrod, Wold View, 29-8-0.

Cross Drove Fishery (Weds)
Hockwold (27 pegs)

James Drakulic is a man in form and he secured another victory in this outing. Using pellet and maggot on the long pole from peg 54, the Maver Image angler caught F1s to 4lb along with plenty of brown goldfish and skimmers.
Result: 1 J Drakulic, Maver Image, 58-4-0; 2 J Shepherd, Sensas Coleman’s Bait & Tackle, 45-13-0; 3 M Pollard, Shimano/Stanjay Tackle, 37-6-0;
4 S Parker, Daiwa Angling Direct, 34-9-0; 5 L Coomber, Cross Drove, 29-1-0; 6 S Easey, Stanjay Tackle, 28-14-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Vets (Thurs)
Moat Pool (36 pegs)

Daz Oldham used his superior knowledge of the complex to blitz his opponents. Drawn on peg 24, the Maltby-based man used the waggler shallow towards the aerator with pellet hookbaits for 14 carp to 12lb and a 119-14-0 total.
Result: 1 D Oldham, Maltby, 119-14-0;
2 J Hobson, Sheffield, 56-14-0;
3 S Richards, Mansfield, 36-12-0; 4 I Temple, Hallcroft, 32-2-0; 5 A Payling,
Peg One Angling Centre, 31-0-0
Decoy Lakes Over 55s (Fri)
Yew Lake (21 pegs)

Another good turnout saw John Belshaw topping the field with 141-10-0 from peg 15. John caught well on pellet, but it was the switch to cat meat that saw him bank carp well into double figures.
Result: 1 J Belshaw, Decoy, 141-10-0;
2 R Whincup, Stanjay Tackle, 117-2-0;
3 M King, JVAC, 105-0-0; 4 S Dawkes, JVAC, 96-3-0.
Little John Lakes (Weds)
Maid Marion Lake (20 pegs)

Those fishing pellet had the better results, with no one able to touch winner Chris Greensides. The Dynamite Baits-backed rod caught on pellet fished shallow from peg 12 before dropping down to the deck to finish the match on soft expander pellets for 96-14-0 of carp to 6lb.
Result: 1 C Greensides, Dynamite Baits, 96-14-0; 2 S Butler, Notts AA, 69-4-0;
3 R Marlow, Little John, 64-5-0; 4 R Evans, Little John, 52-9-0; 5 P Tatley, Little John, 47-8-0; 6 P Turner, Little John, 41-5-0.

Little John Lakes Vets (Fri)
Robin Hood Lake (22 pegs)

Matchwinner Phil Turner took a net of carp and barbel from peg 11, catching on the pole with maggot and later in the margins with pellet to weigh-in 70-5-0.
Result; 1 P Tuner, Little John, 70-5-0;
2 S Butler, Notts AA, 67-5-0; 3 T Cooper, SC Floats, 65-4-0; 4 A Pye, Little John, 61-2-0; 5 R Marlow, Little John, 57-8-0; 6 I Carr, Little John, 57-4-0.  

Little John Lakes
Friar Tuck Lake (22 pegs)

The in-form Shaun Butler continues to put some impressive performances together at this fishery. This match saw him on peg 25 where the Notts AA rod fished the long pole with pellet to the island, then came in close dobbing bread in the margins to net carp to 7lb to take a very comfortable win with 83-4-0.
Result: 1 S Butler, Notts AA, 83-4-0;
2 J Griffin, Parkside FC, 47-10-0; 3 R Evans, Little John, 46-9-0; 4 S Beard, Little John, 39-9-0; 5 G Bennett, MAP Mansfield, 30-15-0; 6 S Dales, Little John, 30-8-0.

Maver Classic Qualifier
Maver Larford Lakes, Match Lake (23 pegs)

The fish are certainly moving around on the Match Lake at the moment, but top rod Simon Harris found the majority of his catch close in, never straying from the margins all day. He alternated between corn and pellet from peg 28 to weigh-in 119-11-0.
Result: 1 S Harris, Little Dawley, 119-11-0;
2 C Taylor, Larford, 93-5-0;
3 J Shuttleworth, Larford, 84-3-0;
4 A Kinder, Maver/Marukyu, 79-10-0;
5 S Brown, Maver, 77-1-0; 6 I Giddins, Garbolino/Bag’em Baits, 75-14-0.

Moorlands Farm
Meadow, Bank & Island Pools (31 pegs)

An outstanding performance on the waggler helped by a back wind from peg 54 on the Meadow Pool saw Colin Pace win, catching most of his fish on corn for 113-9-0 of carp and F1s.
Result; 1 C Pace, Colin Pace Academy, 113-9-0; 2 D Williams, Halesowen RBL, 112-1-0; 3 P Mansell, Honeywell AC, 99-5-0; 4 K Rich, Middy, 92-2-0;
5 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 70-0-0; 6 L Richards, Packington, 67-0-0.

Packington Somers Vets (Thurs)
Molands Mere Pool (37 pegs)

The fish stocks shut up shop during this contest and Keith Deaner needed a meagre 29-6-0 to scoop the win. Using pole and pellet from peg 13, the venue regular found a few big F1s and quality skimmers willing to feed.
Mick Cotton went down the maggot feeder route from peg 33 for 22-2-0 and second.
Result: 1 K Deaner, Packington, 29-6-0;
2 M Cotton, Packington, 22-2-0;
3 D Hartshorn, Swan Baits, 17-5-0;
4 A Ellison, Packington, 15-9-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools
Sycamore & Chestnut Pools (22 pegs)

Dave Brown was a winner once again. The Maver Midlands man bagged 70-10-0 off peg 13 on the Chestnut Pool taking carp to 5lb on bread in the margins and maggot and caster polefished shallow.
Phil Rhodes was second just 4oz behind with 70-6-0 from Sycamore Pool peg 35.
Result: 1 D Brown, Maver Midlands, 70-10-0; 2 P Rhodes, Boldings, 70-6-0;
3 K Emlyn, Oakengates Angling Centre, 66-14-0; 4 D Emlyn, Oakengates Anging Centre, 63-1-0.

Solihull Angling Centre (Weds)
Packington Somers, Molands
Mere Pool (21 pegs)

Danny Tresigne seems unbeatable at the venue and he stole the show yet again with 105-11-0. Pole and caster down the margins of peg 21 helped him amass plenty of F1s to 2lb.
Result: 1 D Tresigne, Alvechurch Fishery, 105-11-0; 2 L Davis, Packington, 93-14-0;
3 N Carless, Ridgemere AC, 93-4-0;
4 J Burchell, Packington, 82-14-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Weds)
Holmedale Lake (20 pegs)

Four men broke into triple figures, with Carl Brown’s 123-7-0 being the best on show. The local lad drew peg 42 and used meat on the short pole and in the margins for carp to 9lb.
Result: 1 C Brown, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 123-7-0; 2 R Marsh, Gateford Angling Supplies, 111-2-0; 3 S Storey, Gateford Angling Supplies, 107-14-0;
4 C Brazier, Gateford Angling Supplies, 104-15-0; 5 P Unwin, Gateford Angling Supplies, 80-1-0; 6 P Hodgetts, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 76-8-0.

Starlets Northfield Vets AS (Tues)
Preston Innovations Woodland View, Back & Front Deans Pools (34 pegs)

The end pegs have been fishing well of late and Dave Twigg capitalised of drawing on one as he banked 63-4-0. Fishing maggot down the margins of peg 1 on the Front Deans Pool, the Malvern-based angler managed to net 15 carp to 7lb.
That just about edged out Keith Woodhead who weighed-in 61-12-0 from peg 49.
Result: 1 D Twigg, Malvern, 63-4-0;
2 K Woodhead, Northfield, 61-12-0;
3 P Foster, Halesowen, 59-0-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Mon)
Top Pool (22 pegs)

Topping this Monday match was Wayne Sweetman from peg 31. He fished paste in the edges taking a big net of F1s to weigh-in 101-9-0.
Result: 1 W Sweetman, Tunnel Barn Farm, 101-9-0; 2 C McGurran, Foster’s, 75-8-0;
3 S Harwood, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 70-14-0; 4 D Lodge, Alvechurch, 61-2-0;
5 G Youngs, Young’s MG, 59-13-0;
6 D Lutwytche, Hawkesbury, 59-4-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm Over 50s (Tues)
Extension & House Pools (40 pegs)

This match saw any one of the top three likely to win with nothing decided until the results were verified. First place went to Keith Deaner on Extension Pool peg 10 where he caught well in the edge for most of the day on pellet and maggot to finish on 96-12-0 of mainly F1s.
Result: 1 K Deaner, Tunnel Barn Farm, 96-12-0; 2 D Purvis, Tunnel Barn Farm, 93-8-0; 3 R Notley, Tunnel Barn Farm, 90-1-0; 4 D Chapman, Sonu Baits, 86-13-0; 5 G Wills, Tunnel Barn Farm, 77-12-0;
6 S Johnson, Acorn Angling, 76-14-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm
Extension & House Pools (35 pegs)

It does not seem to matter what bait anglers are using on the different pools at this Midlands venue as weights continue to rise. This match saw venue expert Pete Rice topping a strong field from Extension Pool peg 19 where he fished maggot and caster shallow and in the margins to put a fine 182-4-0 of F1s on the scales.
Result: 1 P Rice, Mosella, 182-4-0;
2 R Biggs, OHMS, 142-5-0; 3 M Taylor, Shakespeare/Dynamite Baits, 137-15-0;
4 M Malin, Colmic/Bait-Tech, 132-5-0;
5 P Bick, Shakespeare, 120-0-0;
6 G Edwards, Guru, 108-3-0.

Westwood Lakes Over 50s (Thurs)
Skylark Lake (34 pegs)

This match was a shock to the system for most anglers with cold water going into the lakes overnight turning the fish off.
Dave Robinson was able to catch a few carp and barbel off peg 11 to win with 73-12-0. He used maggot fished at 13m.
Second place went to Paul Oglesbee at peg 34 with 62-0-0.
Result: 1 D Robinson, Westwood Lakes, 73-12-0; 2 P Oglesbee, Westwood Lakes, 62-0-0; 3 J Duggan, Westwood Lakes, 39-8-0; 4 R Taylor, Westwood Lakes, 25-4-0.


Cross Drove Fishery
Hockwold (24 pegs)

Dave Pearce Snr didn’t have many bites but what did show up turned out to be real quality. The Wisbech-based man used a positive cat meat over pellet attack and took five big carp and a few F1s and skimmers for 72-4-0 from peg 53.
Result: 1 D Pearce Snr, Wisbech, 72-4-0;
2 S Bracey, Shimano/ Dynamite Baits, 51-14-0; 3 T Bollingbrooke, Attleborough, 48-2-0; 4 S Wheeler, Daiwa/Van Den Eynde, 39-14-0; 5 A Leathers, Browning Hot Rods, 38-6-0; 6 L Pratt, Shipshape Tackle, 29-10-0.
Lakeview Fishery
River, Serpent & Stream Pools (26 pegs)

Drawing a golden peg always adds extra pressure but Roger Parnell thrived on it as he triumped with 87-15-0. Peg 20 on Stream Pool stuck to his hand at the draw and from there he used maggot down the track for a mixed catch that gave him the £245 prize.
Result: 1 R Parnell, Lakeview Select,  87-15-0; 2 S Haywood, Middy, 76-2-0;
3 D Harper, Plumtree Pig Roast Co, 61-1-0; 4 N Barlow, Sutherland News, 56-10-0; 5 K Measures, Melton Angling, 54-0-0; 6 A Lee, Lakeview Select, 49-1-0.

Leegem Angling League
Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery, Moat Pool (60 pegs)

The fishing was tough but it made for a fair match and Chris Greensides faired best with 48-14-0. Bomb and waggler tactics from peg 24 helped the Leegem Angling man find eight quality carp.
Phil Wright attacked the margins of peg 27 with corn for 41-11-0.
Result: 1 C Greensides, Dynamite Baits, 48-14-0; 2 P Wright, Leegem Angling, 41-11-0; 3 N Wood, Hallcroft, 41-10-0;
4 W Rodgers, Leegem Angling, 34-12-0;
5 P Miles, Doncaster, 33-12-0.
Maver Larford
Spring Pairs (final round)
Maver Larford Lakes, Specimen Lake (30 pegs)

Simon Harris and Paul Bucknall had plenty to celebrate after they were crowned league champions with a 19 point tally.
On the individual front it was Chris Senter that ruled the day, extracting 98-12-0 from peg 80. Both the Method feeder and 5m pole line produced bites, with pellet and corn scoring best.
Result: 1 C Senter, Shakespeare Bait-Tech, 98-12-0; 2 A Kinder, Maver/Marukyu, 81-8-0; 3 D Hudson, Marukyu Midlands, 76-10-0; 4 B Clark, Vespe, 73-4-0;
5 R Lawson, Matrix Total Angling, 59-14-0; 6 G Reynolds, Frenzee, 43-3-0.
Pairs:  1 Richie Lawson and Brian Clark, 3pts (weight); 2 P Cook and A Kinder, 3 (weight); 3 R Lamb and M Hawthorne, 3.
League: 1 S Harris, and P Bucknall, 19pts;
2 C Senter and M Galaszewski, 21 (section countback); 3 B Clark and R Lawson, 21.
Norman Chenoweth Memorial
Grantham Canal, Half Mile – Carp Stretch (30 pegs)

A hard frost ruined the fishing and Alan Howe won a very low weight affair with 4-11-8.
Peg 55 by the Twin Bridges was his base and although action was far from frantic, the Bottesford DAA angler used bread and pinkie for a net of roach and rudd.
Result: 1 A Howe, Bottesford DAA, 4-11-8;
2 D Foster, Bottesford DAA, 4-4-0;
3 J Farrow, Bottesford DAA, 4-3-0;
4 L Shucksmith, Coningsby, 3-3-0;
5 B Wiggington, Mansfield, 2-15-0.
Packington Somers
Molands Mere Pool (36 pegs)

End pegs often score highly as Dan Hull proved with a winning 36-10-0 catch. The local lad was on peg 60 and used maggot down the left-hand bank for F1s to 3lb.
Dave Duggan also fished the margins of peg 33 and weighed-in 34-0-0 of caster-tempted fish.
Result: 1 D Hull, Packington, 36-10-0;
2 D Duggan, Dams & Lock, 34-0-0;
3 M Cotton, Packington, 27-14-0;
4 T Chellingsworth, Packington, 26-6-0;
5 B James, Packington, 26-4-0;
6 A Edgington, Tusse’s Tackle, 25-14-0.
Sherwood Forest Fishery
Holmedale Lake (24 pegs)   

Action got better as the match progressed and come the final whistle it was Danny Higgins who had taken the spoils.
Pellet shallow towards the island in front of peg 15 helped the Woodhouse Angling Centre man find 89-10-0 of carp to 4lb.
Result: 1 D Higgins, Woodhouse Angling Centre, 89-10-0; 2 N Morris, Gateford Angling Supplies, 81-9-0; 3 L Plackett, Alfreton Angling, 71-11-0; 4 M Langton, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 67-1-0;
5 R Evans, Sherwood Forest, 56-4-0.
Steel City AC
Ferry Meadows Country Park (42 pegs)

Phil and Steve Ringer often win matches here but it was the daddy of the clan that ruled supreme this time round.  Geoff drew peg 123 on Overton Lake and took a dozen big bream on the feeder and worm for 66-7-0.
Peg 117 on the same lake produced second, with Vic Moisey using similar tactics from it for 60-10-0.
Result: 1 G Ringer, Ringer Baits, 66-7-0;
2 V Moisey, Peterborough, 60-10-0;
3 M Smith, SPRO, 59-4-0; 4 C Singleton, Peterborough, 58-8-0; 5 S Stokes, Derby, 55-7-0; 6 R Fryer, Dynamite Baits, 46-2-0.
Tunnel Barn Farm
High Pool (38 pegs)

Close range pole tactics worked wonders for Dave James as he took the only triple-figure net of the day. Using pellet just 2m and 4m out, the Mosella angler caught F1s to 2lb from peg 17 for 103-12-0.
Meat was John Khan’s choice of bait and he used it to help him amass 88-5-0 from peg 13.
Result: 1 D James, Mosella, 103-12-0;
2 J Khan, Moseley AC, 88-5-0; 3 M Parkin, Kamasan Starlets, 85-14-0; 4 N Matthews, Rugeley Miners, 81-9-0; 5 A Harper, Mosella, 75-14-0; 6 A Williams, Marukyu, 73-0-0.
Westwood Lakes Teams of Three
Hawk & Skylark Lakes (39 pegs)

Luke Morley caught a fish almost every drop in as he motored his way to 155-4-0.
The Stampy’s Three team member picked peg 19 on the Skylark Lake out of the bag and worked with pellet at various distances for a mixture of carp and F1s. Barry Young was second with 118-14-0 from the peg 16 on the same lake.
Result: 1 L Morley, Stampy’s Three, 155-4-0; 2 B Young, Muppets on Tour, 118-14-0; 3 G Cooper, Matrix Dynamite Baits Trentmen, 102-4-0; 4 M Hall, Westwood Blue, 97-4-0; 5 S Pell, Master Baiters, 96-2-0; 6 A Swain, MAP/Old Ghost, 95-7-0.
Teams: 1 Muppets on Tour, 10pts; 2 MAP/Old Ghost, 12; 3 Norfolk’s Finest, 14.