IYCF 353

Fishery Focus
Buscot Park - Oxfordshire
Bristol Avon - Keynsham, Bristol

IYCF 353 cover.jpg

The ultimate waggler rig for tench - Simon Ashton
Tame barbel with a pole - Kelvin Tallet
4 essential shallow baits - Kayleigh Smith
Worm secrets for canal bream - Tommy Boyce
Quick fix - how to use a disgorger
Monsters under your feet - Mikey Williams
Know your species - rudd
Empty your swim with one tin of meat - Matt Bingham
How to boost your pellets with jelly - Bill Reynolds
Rig school - rudd surface rig
Traditional v modern for big tench - Paul Elt
Fish better with Des Shipp - Fish snags without fear

Carp Tactics
Canal carping made easy - Jordan Marsh
Rig of the month - The extended D rig
Carp Q&A
Going against the grain - Steve Renyard

Ultimate Bait Guide 2019 cover.jpg

Carp Spirit HD3 Bite Alarms
New gear
Live test: Middy XM10-3 pole
Live test: Daiwa Black Widow Twin Tip rod
Korum Aeronium Supa Lite chairs
Buyers’ guide to pellet waggler rods

Free Ultimate Bait Guide tips booklet
- Maggots
- Casters
- Sweetcorn
- Pellets
- Micro pellets
- Groundbait
- Paste
- Boilies
- Luncheon meat
- Peperami
- Bread
- Worms
- Prawns
- Particles
- Fake baits
- Cheesepaste