IYCF 352

Fishery Focus
Hayfield Lakes - South Yorkshire
Stonebridge Lakes - North Yorkshire

IYCF 352 cover.jpg

The secret life of tench - Paul Garner
Creep up to islands - Dale Calvert
Five barbel edges - Paul Elt
Experts’ tench rigs
How to bag-up in corner pegs - Steve Parry
Succeed on summer rivers - Nick Gilbert
Catch 50lb of roach - Darren Scott
Five ways to pimp your pellets - Ian Giddins
Rig school: Barbel cage feeder
Try the Hybrid PVA feeder - Darren Hudson
Fishe better with Des Shipp - Master the margins

Carp Tactics
Get more from your boilies - Aron John
Rig of the month - Adjustable zig rig
Carp Q&A
Pop-ups v bottom baits

Kodex QX-i Twin Tip rods
New gear
Live test: Daiwa Black Widow G50 carp rods
Middy Sawn-Off Shotgun Feeders
Guru MW Signature Pole Floats
Buyers’ guide to… summer clothing