IYCF 343


Great British Fishing

- Silver-only waters tipped for the top – Ian Jones

- Herding ‘cattle’ on the Trent – Mark Perkins



- Pole fishing with Bob Nudd

- How long is your hooklength – Mark Malin

- One line, two tactics, more bites – Alex Dockerty

- Big rewards from small rivers – Jake Benson

- 10 quickfire chub tips

- Back off the feed for bream – Pemb Wrighting

- Specialist floats explained

- How to tackle a new lake – Matt Powell

- Get ready for the predator season

- Go the distance on the tip – Kevin Durman

- Drop in with a jigga – Geoff Ringer

- Fish better with Des Shipp: autumn waggler tactics

- Q&A

- Rig school: chub maggot waggler rig


Carp tactics

- Big carp on the Method

- Carp Q&A

- Rig of the month: Mag-aligner

- Why it’s time to get inline



- Sonik Vader X FS reels

- New gear

- Live test: Middy Muscle-Tech 300 Feeder rod

- Buyers’ guide to distance feeder rods



- Subscribe and get a free Shakespeare Cypry reel

- Your letters

- Daiwa Mission

- Crossword