IYCF 337

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Great British Fishing
- Not a single carp in sight! - Mark Pollard
- Get in the Grove for roach - Barry Fisher

- Method tactics for big tench - James Furness
- Meat... It isn't only for carp! - Pete Upperton
- Quick change, quick fix - Tom Downing
- Pellet feeder on the pole - Russell Shipton
- 4 great rigs to use with your free fake baits
- Launch a bomb and pellet attack - Richard Chapman
- Silvers from the margins - Adam Bowen
- Bait tricks to conquer big waters - Chris Rust
- Helicopter feeders for roach - Paul Garner
- Beat shy-biters with braid - Mick Vials
- Fish better with Des Shipp - How to plumb up with precision
- Rig school: Running Method feeder rig

Carp Tactics
- Make some noise - Mike Salisbury
- The correct way to play
- Rig of the month: Surface controller rig
- Floater fishing tips
- Carp Q&A

Cut-out & Keep Fishery Maps
- Moreton Fisheries, Cheshire
- Stonebridge Lakes, N. Yorks
- Wold View Fisheries, Lincs
- Arrow Valley Lake, Worcs
- East Delph Lakes, Cambs
- Astwood Fishery, Worcs
- Panshill Wood Fishery, Oxfordshire
- Rood Ashton Lake, Wiltshire

- Guru Team Seatbox
- New gear
- Live test: Drennan Red Range Carp Feeder / Carp Waggler rod
- Greys apparel
- Buyers' guide to... landing nets
- Live test: Middy Arco-Tech K-800 whip

- Subscribe and get a FREE 5-piece EVA luggage set
- Your letters
- Daiwa Mission competition
- Win: Mitchell Avocast BE big pit reels
- Reader offer: Get a Stillwater Matchstix Pole and elastics set for £149.99
- Crossword: Win Korum lure bags