Issue 322


Great British Fishing

- Birmingham city centre canal roach

- Bag up on pleasure fishing only lakes


-  Ali Hamidi & Dean Macey’s greatest tips

-  Prawns VS deadbaits for stillwater perch

-  Open your window of opportunity

-  Let’s hear it for the mighty white

-  10 reasons why maggots are awesome

-  Easy does it for dream bream

-  No features, no problem!

- Spring into action with hard pellets

- Tackle it with Tommy

- Rig school: Tie an adjustable zig

Carp Tactics

- The mix no carp can resist

- Learn to tie a solid PVA bag rig

- A beginners guide to PVA

- Carp Q&A


- Browning CK 2-430 reel

- New gear

- Live test: Middy Nano-Core XK55-2 11ft feeder rod

- Buyer’s Guide to… Hooks to nylon

- Live test: Preston Innovations 310 pole