Angling Times - 22nd November 2016


- Ghostbusters! New F1 ghost carp are stocked – and they’re being caught now!
- Pike Champs Final See how predator fishing’s biggest event was won
- £££s for clubs from Tesco bag deal
Keith Arthur’s views on the news
Wye Fest Whittle wins big event
Des Shipp’s winning roach tactics


Fishery of the Week Stanbridge View
North The best pegs to fish this week
Midlands Hot swims in your area
South F1 carp hotspots and more
Spotlight on 16 top feeder venues 


Macaroni cheese? Get on the unusual bait carp are falling for right now
Steve Ringer Dig out your winter feeders – advice for getting more bites!
Dave Harrell It’s prime time for a dream 2lb roach. Here’s how to get one...
Dr Paul Garner reveals the top 10 baits to put in your feeder this weekend
Martin Bowler takes to a kayak as he goes on a big pike adventure
The Coach Catch perch on prawns
Get on the feeder! Six essential rigs to tie for barbel, carp, roach and more
Tommy Pickering How to sink your line – three simple methods explained
Know your stuff Where to find carp on stillwaters, hooking hemp properly and more in our easy-to-follow guide