Improve Your Coarse Fishing – Issue 301

• WIN: Five pairs of Middy Micro Muscle 4GS 10ft Feeder and 11ft Waggler rods worth £1,125

• Tench on the pole – Five tricks that will transform your results


• Back to Basics – Master the stick float

• The Baggin' Waggler is back! Red hot carp hauling method reinvented

• Catch more down the edge – how trickling the bait in will get bites all day long

• Catch your first catfish – the rigs, baits and venues you need to fish

• Pick the perfect hookbait – Steve Ringer shows you how

• Tackle it with Tommy River Special – Tommy Pickering's top feeder tips

• Latest tackle reviewed

• Improve Your Carp Fishing – Tips, tackle and tactics