Improve Your Coarse Fishing - Issue 300

- FREE 32 page Tommy Pickering’s Skills Guide
- Back to basics: Paste fishing with Andy Findlay
- Ball in for Bream
Pemb Wrighting explains how to deter small fish and get through to the bigger slabs.
- Catch Barbel from Big Rivers
Chris Ponsford reveals the baits and tactics you need
- Sticky Maggots on the Method
Jamie Masson combines one of the most prolific catch-all baits with one of the finest modern tactics
- The Pellet Mix F1s Can’t Resist
Find out how to hold F1s in your swim for longer
- Clean Up With the Sponge
Bizarre hookbait revealed
- Travel Light for Canal Perch
Stay mobile and catch more
- Rig School
Learn to tie a river Method feeder rig
- Improve Your Carp Fishing
18 pages of rigs, baits, tactics and tackle
Five Korum barbel kits up for grabs