Issue 379

by Thomas Scarr |
Birch House Lakes

Fishery Focus

River Stour – Dorset

Birch House Lakes – Derbyshire

Des Shipp - meat


Ring the changes to bag up shallow – Pemb Wrighting

Whip a beginner into shape – Sarah Taylor

Stop them in their tracks – Paul Hardy

What is the mudline and how do you tackle one? – Matt Bingham

Quick fix: 10 tackle box essentials

Raid the islands with a waggler – Dale Calvert

Six edges for specimen crucians – Gary Knowles

Ditch the feeder for bream in weedy rivers – Phil Taylor

Rig school – Rudd waggler rig

Open your mind with bankside photography – Tim Prosser

One line and a trio of methods – Jack Danby

Fish better with Des Shipp: How to fish with luncheon meat


KD Rig

Carp tactics

Time to turn to naturals – Dai Gribble

Bait edges: carp fishing gets active

Rig of the month: KD rig

Carp Q&A: Sticky’s experts solve your problems

Live test


Live test – Shakespeare Superteam Method Feeder rod

New gear

Buyers’ guide: Feeder fishing rod rest heads

Winning ways


IYCF Chats To… the Winning Ways team

Your letters

Daiwa Mission

Puzzle break

Bob Roberts’ diary

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