Issue 386

by Thomas Scarr |
Fishy Focus - Mikey Williams

Fishery Focus

White Springs Fishery - Swansea

Worsbrough Reservoir - South Yorkshire

Tactics - Andy May


Master the waggler on running water - Hadrian Whittle

Turn back the clock for quick session success - Richard Naylor

The modern wag 'n' mag - Lee Newson

Lash in the maggots for roach - Andy May

Quick fix - How to attach your pole rig to a dacron connector

Succeed on the UK's best predator venue - Dan Brackley

Dobbing with a difference - Kieran Marsden

Rig school - Heavy trotting rig

Cast to a new spot after each bite - Tony Grigorjevs

Fish better with Des Shipp - Catch more stillwater roach


Tackle - Tony Grigorjevs


Live test - Shakespeare SKP Concept 10ft Light Feeder Rod

New gear

Your IYCF - Bob Roberts


Support your local tackle shop

Your letters

Daiwa Mission

Puzzle break

Bob Roberts' diary

Carp - Lance Barton


One bite at a time - Lance Barton

Rig of the month - Turbo German rig

Specimen vs match - Kayleigh Dowd & Ellen Beedham

Carp Q&A - Sticky's experts solve your problems

What is a bite alarm?

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