Issue 383

by Thomas Scarr |

Fishery Focus

Rudyard Lake - Staffordshire Bainside House - Lincolnshire

Fishery focus


Try a multi-line approach for river perch - Rob Perkins

Double your catches - May Potter

Feed a pinch to catch a netful - Jake Fowles

How to tie the perfect barbel rig - Gary Knowles

Quick fix - How to hook maggots with bursting them

The need for seed - Joe Carass

Unleash the sloppy choppy - Damien Green

Big-water carp trap - Tommy Pickering

Rig school - Extending chub maggot feeder

Ditch the bomb for an Olivetti - John Hudson

Fish better with Des Shipp - Golden rules of pole fishing


Tactics 383


Shakespeare SKP launch

New gear - The latest tackle releases

Product focus - Fjuka Fat Boys

Gift guide - Christmas stocking fillers

tackle 383


Five step plan to success on small waters - Jack Wheeler

Rig of the month - Shot on the hook rig

Carp Q&A - Sticky's experts solve your problems

Carp 383


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Daiwa mission

Puzzle break

Bob Roberts' diary

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