Improve Your Coarse Fishing Issue 390

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Fishery Focus

The Rosie - Deeside

Fenlake Fishery - Lincolnshire


Quest for a big tench - James Furness

Feeder vs pole for roach - Sam Cochrane & Dave Healey

The Masterplan: Snake lakes - Glen Picton

Bream on the feeder - Ian Smith

Quick fix: How to riddle groundbait

Sneak your rig in for mixed bag on the pole - Robbie Griffiths

Locate hidden big fish with the Blob - Connor Edwards

Rig School: Margin pole rig

Unleash the magic of wag and mag - Tom Downing

Target the margins for commercial carp - Luke Bamford

Fish Better With Des Shipp: Pole fishing with paste


Carp tactics

Catch more on pellets - Aron John

Rig of the month: Zig rig

Carp Q&A: Sticky's experts solve your problems


Live test - Okuma waggler rod & reel

Live test - Shakespeare Challenge XT Feeder kits

New gear

Buyers guide - river groundbaits


Adventures of a fishing family

Support your local tackle shop

Your letters

Daiwa Mission

Puzzle break

Bob Roberts' diary

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