Would bigger baits catch more carp?

Scott Lloyd

by James Furness |

Why do anglers only tend to fish a maximum of two boilies on a hair rig? When you look at the size of a carp’s mouth they could easily inhale a much bigger hookbait. And surely three or four boilies on a hair would be even harder for a carp to deal with?

Scott Lloyd - It’s a great question and something which does leave you asking the all-important ‘why’. I think trends in angling influence decisions, whether that’s via videos, magazine articles or social media. You only have to look at the reaction when someone posts something deemed out of the ordinary to see the negative responses most people give. This in turn then puts a lot of anglers off using similar things.

However, sometimes being different is far more favourable than following the trends. Any edges that you can gain over others while keeping it to yourself will more than likely produce the goods. This may be down to certain fish feeding differently to others, or they simply don’t like what’s been put in front of them so you won’t catch them.

Most carp have traits and characteristics which set them apart from others hence why when I target certain fish, I study them as much as possible to choose the right approach.

The underwater filming we did on Linch Hill opened my eyes massively when it came to bigger baits, I was feeding 20mm and the carp sucked them up like they were grains of corn!

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