Why do I keep tangling when using lead clips?

Scott Lloyd - Noodle Rig

by James Furness |

Q. I tend to use lead clips and I'm finding that when I reel in, my hooklink has become tangled around the leader above the lead clip. What can I do to prevent this?

Scott Lloyd - This can be down to several factors, but the most common one is if you aren’t feathering or trapping the line when the rig is close to entering the water.

This enables the rig to kick away from the lead system and enter the water without tangling around the lead clip or leader.

If you’re also using a balanced bait such as a wafter or pop up, this will help the rig mechanics to work towards straightening the hooklink.

Wafter hookbait
Wafter or pop-up hook baits help the hooklink to settle and fall away from the leader ©Tom Gibson
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