What particles deter tench and bream?

Tiger nuts

by James Furness |

I like fishing over particles, but on my last few sessions I’ve been battered by tench and bream! Are there any items I could use in spod mix that’s more likely to attract carp and deter other species?

Myles Gibson - One word… Tigers! I understand some places don’t allow them, but I’m presuming that if you’re using particles that nuts will also be on the permitted list.

Tigers deter nuisance species to some extent, with most not being able to process them and deal with the crunch factor.

They also act as great hookbaits too, but be careful as the size of them still means your rig can be picked up and spat out by other species.

For this, I’d recommend large Tuff One hookbaits tipped to balance the rig with something like a Mulbz.

Give the rig plenty of length in the hair to avoid hooking anything less than a carp!

Snowman rig
Try tipping a Tuff One hookbait with a Mulbz pop-up ©@StickyBaits
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