What items would you put in a solid PVA bag at this time of year? Also, should I start to decrease the size of the bags I’m using from a Medium to something a bit smaller?

PVA bag rig

by James Furness |

Tom Maker - During the winter, I love using solid bags of maggots. You can get away with it in the winter as the smaller fish tend to be less active. I do use small bags too, as you can get a hell of a lot of maggots in them. Once on the bottom they spread out to make a glowing patch of bait for the fish to home in on. You must be very careful when loading the bag, as any burst maggots will melt the bag and leave you with a mess to clear up. I often find adding something like Manilla Active mix helps dry the maggots out and it’s also useful for adding to the top and bottom of the bag to avoid any maggot mishaps!

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