What are balanced baits?

Oz Holness D-rig

by James Furness |

I often hear anglers talking about using balanced baits? What are these and what is the benefit of them?

Oz Holness - Balanced baits provide a presentation isn’t as blatant as a pop-up, but allows you to present on cleaner ground with the hookbait covering the hook.

I would usually choose to use balanced baits on firmer areas, especially gravel where there’s no need to keep the hook off the lakebed as there is simply no danger of it becoming masked by debris. I’ve been a fan of the D-rig with balanced baits for years, especially when it comes to matching the hatch in a feeding situation and I’m looking to introduce a good hit of boilies. It’s all about reading the substrate, understanding the drops you’re getting with the marker rod then deciding whether you can present with the rig laying flat. A grappling lead will also tell you a lot more about what’s down there i.e. loose strands of weed.

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