If carp move around less in winter does that mean fishing over a spread of boilies becomes less effective? Would tighter piles of bait be more effective?

Catapulting boils

by James Furness |

Jim Wilson - The fact that carp move around less in the winter is something that a lot of people get really caught up in.

It’s a broad phrase so it’s no wonder there’s a bit of confusion, but it mostly refers to the way carp shoal up in the winter. They slowdown in terms of their distribution around the lake, but of course their immune system is also slowed, so they won’t eat as much.

It’s therefore important to use a lot less bait, but make sure it’s in the right place as the fish won’t move around the lake as much in the winter.

With this in mind, tighter baiting makes a bit more sense logically, as you are using less bait and so there’s more chance of your hookbait being picked up if the feed bait is more concentrated around it.

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