Best way to get perfect line lay?


by James Furness |

What is the best way to respool my reels and get a nice flat line lay? At the moment my line slightly tapers from the bottom of my spool to the top.

Gaz Fareham - The best way to spool up line is in the comfort of your own home for a start. I like to use a bucket of warm water and soak the line just to lubricate it and make it as supple as possible. It is then a case of winding it onto your spools. Keep a steady pressure on the line so it beds down perfectly onto the spool.

In terms of line tapering, this is controlled by the number of washers behind the spool. All the reel companies either provide them or have them available for their reels. You have to tinker around with them or ask the advice of the reel company themselves to find the best combination of washers to use. Before you go down this route, it could be worth tying your line to a tree and giving it a big stretch out, before winding it tightly back onto the spool. If that doesn’t work, then it is most definitely washers that are at fault.

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