Best boilie alternatives

A concoction of different sized pellets

by James Furness |

Q. My local carp fishery does not allow boilies. What other baits would be best for the warmer months?

A. Tom Maker – Pellets! Carp absolutely love them, as they are designed to be feed for carp.

They can get so much nutrition from eating them and once they are in the water for a short period of time, they really soften up and become very easy for them to digest too. They can gorge on them for hours and a lot of the fish that we are fishing for nowadays have been reared on them, so it makes sense to use pellets a lot more as a loose feed.

They also contain some incredible natural attraction too, I’m a huge fan of both the Krill pellets and also the famous Bloodworm pellets. And with them all coming in sizes as small as 2.3mm and up to 6mm, there’s a best-use for all!

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