What groundbait is and why to use it


Here's part one of an extensive groundbait tips video series - this part details what exactly is groundbait and why anglers should use groundbait when fishing for roach, carp, bream and tench etc.

If you have ever wondered what ingredients go into making the vast majority of groundbaits on the market, or even if you're unsure of which groundbait you should choose to catch the fish you're targeting, this series of groundbait video tips is definitely for you!

Some of the ingredients used may well take you by surprise, as you'll soon see!

In part one we help you decide which colour and type of groundbait you should use to target specific species, then detail in close-up the difference between an active groundbait mix and an inactive mix, plus much, much more.

To watch part one of this extensive video series, click on the image below.