The pros and cons of pole fishing

Are you toying with the idea of buying your first pole and taking those first steps into the wonderful world of pole fishing... but aren't entirely sure whether pole fishing is for you?

This is a question that many newcomers to pole fishing have to face - after all, it's quite a big step for many especially when they are used to fishing with rod and reel. editor Iain Toombs went through that process a few years ago - not entirely sure whether he would enjoy fishing with a pole, or whether the cash outlay would be worth it.

But he was mightily pleased he did part with the cash and buy his very first pole.

In this video he clearly explains the pros and cons of pole fishing with a view to helping you decide whether or not you're going to buy you very first pole and begin a career fishing with a pole.

As Iain quickly found out, there are many more positive sides to pole fishing than you might think - all of which are detailed here.

To watch the video, click the play button on the screen below.