The basics of pole fishing

For newcomers and beginners to pole fishing, using a pole can be a little daunting. As can buying a pole, feeding with a pole, shipping a pole out and generally using a pole - it's all quite complicated if you don't have anyone to show you how.

Here ex-match angler and now all-round angler Jan Porter shows exactly how to go about pole fishing for the first time, sharing his intimate knowledge of how to instantly get the most out of your new pole.

He details what to look out for when buying a new pole in terms of spares, pole quality and smoothness of the sections, through to detailing typical elastics to use, how to ship a pole in and out, how to feed your swim accurately and how to ensure you don't become tangled when using your new pole.

You're sure to learn masses from this in-depth video that covers and details everything you will need to know to ensure you maximise your first few sessions fishing with a pole.

To watch the video click the play button on the image below.