New Tri-Cast John Allerton float rod

John Allerton won countless fishing matches using stick and waggler floats which he guided with a dexterity that defied belief.

The subtle fish-playing qualities of a fine three-piece match rod are wasted on many modern day commercial match anglers, so the chances of them coughing up for one that carries a £200-plus price tag are remote, to say the least.

But put that same rod into the hands of a discerning journeyman angler, who regularly fishes rivers in the search for chub or roach, and you wil;l see his face light up with an expression borne of knowing that what he is holding is indeed very special.

And that one word 'special' pretty much describes exactly what this new Tri-Cast John Allerton 13ft match waggler rod is all about.

Mark Sawyer took a sample of this new float rod to the banks of the River Gipping in Suffolk to put it through its paces, wading through the river to access a lovely run downstream of a weir.

We caught his antics and verdict on video, which can be played by clicking the image below.