New Shakespeare Mach2 XT Waggler/Feeder Combination

There was a time when a combination rod was something available only through the sports pages of your mum's club book - hideous, unbranded objects that 'magically' transformed from a delicate 13ft match rod into a brutish 6ft boat rod, a willowy 9ft fly rod and a legering tool too!

How times have changed! These days many of the UK's major fishing tackle brands include coarse combo rods as part of their range.

And Shakespeare is no different, as here is the new Mach 2 XT 11ft waggler/feeder combination, ideally suited to reel lines from 3lb to 8lb, chucking a Method feeder and for launching a pellet waggler - and much more besides.

Here, in this short video, Mark Sawyer takes the Shakespeare Mach 2 XT waggler/feeder combination rod to the bankside to give it a thorough test.

To view the video, click on the image below.